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Spring 2022: A new seminar on marijuana

Responsibility Grows in the Garden State

Introduction to Cannabis Research through Library Resources


Marijuana legalization in New Jersey presents new perspectives and business opportunities for recreational marijuana, complementing ongoing, cutting-edge research projects at various departments at Rutgers. Introducing interdisciplinary research through the topic of cannabis, this course will develop a broad context for understanding the research process in a complex field.

Students will learn how locate and evaluate scholarly, industry, and popular resources through Rutgers University Libraries and beyond, and will also analyze and interpret marijuana-related posts in social media. Students will benefit from the Marijuana Research Guide, recently created by Rutgers librarians, which remains a work in progress as the State of New Jersey is working out the nuts and bolts of the complex post-legalization procedure.

This blended course delivered in Canvas includes flash talks, discussions, and reflections on articles, podcasts, and videoclips, as well as social media observation and assessment of related research, business, government, legal, data, etc. resources on cannabis and marijuana use. Guest speakers include

Translating research articles into plain English, students will write a blog post on a selected topic of their primary interest and will create posts promoting their work and science on Facebook and Twitter.

Suggested Resources