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Carmen Maria Machado, Between Persons

A heads-up: This post, like Machado’s memoir, discusses intimate-partner abuse. There are two distinctive formal features of Carmen Maria Machado’s In The Dream House: A Memoir that are apparent from early on. The first is that this memoir is fractured into a series of short forays, usually just one or two pages, that approach the central … Read More

Why Read Banned Books

In a recent New York Times opinion article entitled Banning My Book Won’t Protect Your Child Carmen Maria Machado shared that parents in a school district demanded the removal of her book In the Dream House: A Memoir and several others from district reading lists for high school English class book clubs. Banned or challenged books … Read More

Summer Tales with Carmen Maria Machado

Acclaimed author Carmen Maria Machado is (virtually) coming to Rutgers! Register Today! Machado’s smash hit debut story collection Her Body and Other Parties and award-winning memoir In The Dream House blend realism with elements of horror, sci-fi, and experimental fiction to eloquently address difficult topics: sexuality, intimate-partner abuse, body shame, and much more. Her prose … Read More

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