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The Many Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin

My first encounter with the work of Ursula K. Le Guin happened in my freshman year at Rutgers, when my friend handed me a book she was reading for a class and insisted I read one of the short stories in it. It was a short short story, she said, and I could finish it … Read More

New Experiences in the Archives

This summer I spent a lot of time in the air-conditioned library working on a project in the X room, the archives and special collections of the Douglass library. Behind this always-locked door in the basement, there are stacks of rare books. One side of the room, however, is home to a collection of materials related … Read More

Books We Write: Writing Food History

There’s no need for long introductions when it comes to Business Librarian Becky Diamond (BLD), accomplished author and productive blogger. However, Books We Read (BWR) took the opportunity to get to know her work a bit more on the occasion that Becky will manage the day-to-day responsibilities for Books We Read, along with our social … Read More

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