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Books We Write – Books They Challenge

Interviews with Authors Art librarian Megan Lotts recently published a new book entitled Advancing a Culture of Creativity in Libraries: Programming and Engagement. It gave us the idea to launch a new interview series about titles that Books We Read affiliates have written or are currently working on. Read the interview with Megan Lotts. Judit … Read More

Art Lives Here: Rutgers Urban Sketching 2021

Last month was an easy month. We used to say this in my previous library all the time. Little did we know that the sentence will travel through continents and decades. The #rutgersurbansketching project is almost over and I am ashamed to realize didn’t have time to create a single sketch in November 2021. Without any … Read More

On the Road: Bibliotherapy for Hungarians Abroad

Last month I participated in a bibliotherapy session called On the Road geared toward Hungarians living outside the country. What a great idea, I thought when I saw the invitation. I was not disappointed. For those new to the concept of bibliotherapy, it implies guided reading, including subsequent conversation, for therapeutic purposes. The texts usually … Read More

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