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Cite Right – Images

Next in the series is a tough one: images. As noted in the Finding images research guide, the last thing to worry about while writing a paper or preparing a presentation at three in the morning is the credibility and authenticity of the images. Luckily, there is help from Rutgers University Libraries to find and … Read More

Citizen Science: Get Involved!

Sitting out in your backyard or park you hear the rustle of animals through the trees, see the decomposition of leaves on the ground, and watch dogs follow the scent of some unknown wildlife. These things may seem mundane and inconsequential but really those observations, if done with scholarly rigor, are science. Scientific observations are … Read More

Cite Right – Misquotes

Preparing for the stressbuster workshop called Graphic design is my passion! How to create irresistible content for social media to be held on December 11, 2 pm, I was going to post some images with inspirational quotes created with Canva. One day I received a photo that reminded me of the famous sketch from Winnie-the-Pooh: Pooh … Read More

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