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Launching Summer Tales

Books We Read has some exciting news: New Brunswick Libraries and the Department of Continuing Studies have teamed up to launch Summer Tales Book Club, a short story discussion group this summer, and we’ll be facilitating it! We’ve picked out three short stories for summer session students to read and discuss, starting with Neil Gaiman’s … Read More

Summer: Time for Audiobooks

Tired of staring at the screen? Finished all the print books at home you had purchased in the past few years? Libraries still closed? How about trying something new? If you haven’t already tried them during long commutes or long flights, why don’t you give audiobooks a shot? Listening to audiobooks might just become your … Read More

Take a Look, It’s In a Book…

In times of stress we often turn to books for comfort, or even guidance about what to do. In a practice known as bibliomancy, or “book magic,” a person faced with a dilemma will open a book (often a holy scripture) to a random page and take the first passage they see as advice. You … Read More

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