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Face to (Virtual) Face with Joyce Carol Oates

We were incredibly lucky to have author Joyce Carol Oates join us for a reading from her short story “Where Is Here?” and a discussion drawn from audience-submitted questions.  What we didn’t know when we began planning the event was just how many people would be interested — it shouldn’t have come as a surprise … Read More

Joyce Carol Oates from both sides of Iron Curtain

Have you ever noticed that once you start paying attention to something – or someone – you seem to bump into it/him/her everywhere? Some call it Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon; I prefer the term “frequency illusion.” In August 2019 we at Summer Tales. selected the fascinating story Where is Here? for our reading list allowing me to … Read More

Summer Tales – End of Story?

As we are closing to wrap up our Summer Reading program this week with a series of blog posts with our reflections, first, here is a list of findings participants can take away from experience: discussing topics (often related to more than just a story) might help reflect on more than just the story finding … Read More

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