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Spook: Scare Yourself Silly this Halloween

Although ghoulishly entertaining, Spook is ironically not about the supernatural happenings of the spirit world as its title eerily suggests. Instead, famed science writer Mary Roach takes a fresh approach in her investigation of the afterlife, delving into scientific explanations of “life after death.” As with Roach’s other books, it is a fun, fact-filled romp … Read More

Summer Reading: Book Sculptures

Tired of reading books? Tired of listening to books? Tired of talking about books? Here’s another creative activity related to books: book sculptures. Full disclosure: we never get tired of anything related to books (including dusting bookshelves). Book sculptures or, in other words, literary sculptures, range from a simple (?) origami using pages of recycled … Read More

Rutgers Alumni Writers: Janet Evanovich

Rutgers Today, published by Rutgers University Communications and Marketing, recently featured a Douglass Alumna in its Alumni News. Author of the popular Stephanie Plum series, Janet Evanovich graduated from Douglass College in 1965, and was named to the Rutgers Hall of Distinguished Alumni, the highest honor given to Rutgers graduates of the University. This prestigious … Read More

Book for a Desert Island: Nick’s Pick

Jenny’s post is right: the obvious, and boring, choice would be a survival guide of some sort. As an eighteenth-century specialist, I’d even be tempted to get too cute and say Robinson Crusoe: Daniel Defoe’s 1719 classic about a shipwrecked sailor learning to survive, often considered one of the most important and influential early novels. In … Read More