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Rutgers University Groups Reading Alone Together

Are you alone? Are you reading? So are we.

This site aims to channel both the creativity and the anxiety of social distancing into recreational reading. As responsible members of the Rutgers community staying home to stop the spread of COVID-19, we hope to build and strengthen virtual groups by developing engaging activities online, drawing attention to electronic resources, and creating new communities around books.

If you missed our related “corona reads” blog posts, please read our thoughts on “books in the time of corona,” classics that seem relevant for the current moment.

Read a variety of blog posts tagged as RUGRAT.

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We strongly believe that reading can provide comfort, solace, and entertainment.  But misery loves company, too: reading can help normalize and channel anxiety!

The goal of the program is to use books to connect people — so we would like to hear from you! Chime in with your ideas, write book recommendations as a guest blogger, or create and share your own book-themed game.