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Brave New World, by ChatGPT

Joining the club of the ChatGPT discussion, what’s a better experiment for a blog post on a book than Brave New World? As college professors and grade school teachers express their worries about Artificial Intelligence (AI) perpetuating plagiarism; being robbed from critical thinking, or how to develop the skill, seems more concerning. The latter, resulting in … Read More

Ukrainian Libraries a Year Later

You don’t have to be a librarian to think about the damages of war to libraries. If you love books, you must be horrified to see images of shelled buildings and piles of burning books, as one can’t help following the news about Ukraine. The images keep coming: television, newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, your choice … Read More

Staff Picks: Browsing Bookstores

Contrary to my usual morning routine, I’ve been sneaking in my reading at night. After full days, those night-time sessions have been the only hope of turning off my brain.   I picked up Mieko Kawakami’s All the Lovers in the Night at a fabulous bookstore in Manhattan, Albertine. The experience of the bookstore itself is … Read More

New Experiences in the Archives

This summer I spent a lot of time in the air-conditioned library working on a project in the X room, the archives and special collections of the Douglass library. Behind this always-locked door in the basement, there are stacks of rare books. One side of the room, however, is home to a collection of materials related … Read More