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Arms and Muses: Poems from Ukraine

“When arms speak, muses are silent” is the English paraphrase for an aphorism attributed to Cicero, albeit with a slightly different word order. Inter arma enim silent lēgēs is Latin for, literally, “For among arms, the laws are silent.” Currently both laws and muses are silent. Warnings such as “viewers discretion advised” or “Warning! Graphic content” … Read More

Becoming a Librarian, Step 1: The MLIS

This post is part of our series to inspire students at the Summer Session to consider continuing their studies. When I tell people I’m getting a master’s degree to become a librarian, it’s often met with disbelief. Most people don’t know that most librarians need an ALA-accredited master’s degree focusing on library science and information … Read More

Welcome to Summer Tales 2022

Join our fun summer reading program hosted by New Brunswick Libraries and Summer Session. Summer Tales Book Club is back––in a brand new, more sustainable and even less stressful format! Follow our fun summer reading recommendations sponsored by New Brunswick Libraries and Summer Session starting today, May 31, 2022 with this post through the entire … Read More