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Staff Picks: The Dispossessed

Note: The perfect excuse to re-post* an excerpt from a previous book review of The Dispossessed by Szilárd Borbély is that his posthumously published novel Kafka fia (Kafka’s Son) has finally been published in Hungarian, the author’s native language, after its German version Kafkas Sohn. While the English translation is yet to come, we’d like … Read More

Updated Resource: Guide to the Recreational Reading Collection

Looking for a good book to read? Aren’t we all? 2022 has barely started, working and learning off campus, which will soon bring stress back into our everyday lives. Did you know that New Brunswick Libraries have a special Recreational Reading Collection? Located in the Carr Library, the more than 1,000 books in the collection … Read More

On the Road: Bibliotherapy for Hungarians Abroad

Last month I participated in a bibliotherapy session called On the Road geared toward Hungarians living outside the country. What a great idea, I thought when I saw the invitation. I was not disappointed. For those new to the concept of bibliotherapy, it implies guided reading, including subsequent conversation, for therapeutic purposes. The texts usually … Read More