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Just Say Yes to Banned Books Week outside the United States!

Last week we celebrated Banned Books week in an event called BANNED: A Virtual Banned Books Read-Out & Discussions on the Freedom to Read at Rutgers. In my flash talk at the online event, I mentioned a library and information science-related weekly newsletter called KIT Hírlevél (Library, Information & Society News) in Hungary. The newsletter polled its readers … Read More

New Hungarian Law Challenges Librarians

A children’s book shredded in public by a member of the parliament. A poster outside a bookstore warning customers of books with “homosexual propaganda dangerous to children.” A mayor demanding that a book should be removed from a library display, upon (alleged) complaints from the public. Finally, a newsletter polling librarians whether professional organizations should raise … Read More

Banned Books Week 2021 – Read-Out and Flash Talks

BANNED: A Virtual Banned Books Read-Out & Discussions on the Freedom to Read September 30, 2021 at 5:30 – 7:00 pm EST Presented by: SCARLA (The Student College, Academic, and Research Libraries Association), LISSA (Library and Information Science Student Association), and Rutgers–New Brunswick Libraries Banned Books Week, an annual event celebrating the freedom to read promoted … Read More

Books We Write: Advancing a Culture of Creativity in Libraries by Megan Lotts

Interviews with Authors Art librarian Megan Lotts recently published a new book entitled Advancing a Culture of Creativity in Libraries: Programming and Engagement. It gave us the idea to launch a new interview series about titles that Books We Read affiliates have written or are currently working on.  Known for her imagination, creativity, and vision, … Read More

Summer Tales in RUL Agenda

In an article entitled Summer Tales Book Club in New Brunswick hosts renowned authors, recently published in the Rutgers University Library Newsletter, we reviewed exciting events and activities Books We Read contributed to Summer Session 2021 at Rutgers-New Brunswick. Happy New Semester on behalf of the entire Summer Tales Crew! In the summer of 2021, for the … Read More

Summer Reading: Book Sculptures

Tired of reading books? Tired of listening to books? Tired of talking about books? Here’s another creative activity related to books: book sculptures. Full disclosure: we never get tired of anything related to books (including dusting bookshelves). Book sculptures or, in other words, literary sculptures, range from a simple (?) origami using pages of recycled … Read More