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The Books We Read Gallery aims to chronicle our work and share images, photos, videos, and more from events for those unable to participate on site or remotely. Come back and check out these pages.  We will keep adding more content as we document our journey with Books We Read.

Image Collections (opens in a new tab)

Photo Galleries

Poster Galleries

A selection of posters created by students, faculty, staff, and librarians on the Cook Campus in 2019-2022.
Come and see them all displayed in the Chang Science Library.

  • Gallery 1  – Posters from Spring 2019 PASS course
  • Gallery 2  – Books recommended by SEBS faculty
  • Gallery 3  – Books we read at the Chang Science Library
  • Gallery 4  – Selected classics
  • Gallery 5  – Non-fiction titles
  • Gallery 6  – Harry Potter Series
  • Gallery 7  – Posters from Fall 2019 Academic Mentoring course
  • Gallery 8  – Books recommended or mentioned by presenters at Science Cafés
  • Gallery 9  – Posters from Spring 2022 PASS course