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The current project called “Books We Read” [both in the present and past tenses, “Books We Are Reading” and “Books We Have Read”] was inspired by our past experiences connecting readers with books.

Alcohol Library

  • R4R @ Rutgers: Reading for Recovery, a resource geared towards those interested in the use of bibliotherapy (i. e., guided reading) as part of recovering from substance use problems. It was created at the Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies Library in 2015-2016 with the help of an ALA Carnegie-Whitney grant.
  • Portals to Academic Success at SEBS is a spring semester course at Rutgers to help first year students to navigate the maze of academia, including libraries. Most groups visited the library for a fun library session to get familiar with resources at Rutgers University Libraries.
  • Academic Mentoring at SEBS is a fall semester course to introduce new students to Rutgers, higher education, libraries, and more with the goal to help them succeed in college. The library component of this course provided a brief introduction to Rutgers University Libraries with more resources in a research guide.

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