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Why this page?

It’s about “the presentation of the self in everyday life,” if I may borrow Erving Goffman’s title. With so many official versions of one’s cv, whether a mile-long list of publications or a 50-word biosketch, it’s hard to see the person behind. Hope this page will help.

The other purpose is to create an inventory of my interests and see what will stick in the future (i.e., the less scholarly, so-called spaghetti method).

Finally, it’s also about control: I can post and upload content that I am most interested in sharing. Apologies for the occasional typos and copy/paste errors, this is a solo cruise.

See also my blog posts on other pages I run.

The Latest: 2022 Spring Semester: Byrne Seminar on Marijuana

Responsibility Grows in the Garden State: Introduction to Cannabis Research through Library Resources. See course description and resources. Interested in learning about cannabis? Start with the Marijuana Research Guide.