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We are so happy you are considering having your child participate in one of our studies!


Witnessing your child’s language developing is a truly amazing thing. One day they are producing seemingly random sounds, and then months later they are labeling things in their world! Not so long after that they are using words and phrases to express the fact that they are sleepy or hungry, that they want to visit a relative or take a trip to the park, that they notice similarities or differences in their experiences, or that some event took place in the past.

Much of the time, they are not saying things in an “adult-like” way, but their endearing deviations may not necessarily reflect their complete understanding of the language they are acquiring! In fact, we can gain a great deal of knowledge about the language acquisition process (and about language in general) by studying children’s language production and their language comprehension. We are happy to learn from your child!

We share with you a fascination with your child’s language development, and are excited to learn more. Our work would not be possible without the generosity of parents who have allowed their children to participate in our studies. When your children participate in our child language studies, you provide us with the opportunity to learn more about specific aspects of the language acquisition process, and how language develops from childhood to adulthood.

View our brochure to learn more!

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