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The Data Science Track involves taking a minimum of 30 degree credits (600 or 700 level):

  • 6-credit thesis or a 3-credit research project
  • 9 credits of required (core) courses
  • 3 credits of mathematical physics or applied mathematics
  • 6 credits of required Data Science courses
  • the remaining credits are to be filled with elective courses


Choose 3 among the following Physics core courses

Class number Class name # of credits
26:755:611 Classical Mechanics 3
26:755:621 Classical Electrodynamics 3
26:755:631 Quantum Mechanics 3
26:755:641 Statistical Mechanics 3


Required Data Science courses

Class number Class name # of credits
26:645:651 Introduction to Data Science 3
26:645:652 Statistics and Machine Learning 3


Available Electives

Class number Class name # of credits
26:755:710 Special Topics in Experimental Physics (topics vary) 3
26:755:711 Special Topics in Theoretical Physics (topics vary) 3
26:755:731 Quantum Mechanics 2 3
26:755:780 Quantum Mechanics 3 3
26:755:721 Electrodynamics 2 3
NJIT NJIT offers several electives such as Biophysics, Physics of Materials and several others
New Brunswick Rutgers New-Brunswick offers several electives in Physics, Engineering, Data Science and others
Business School Rutgers Business School offers several electives in Data Science, Machine Learning and Quantitative Finance