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The Physics Education Track involves taking a minimum of 30 degree credits (600 or 700 level):

  • 6-credit thesis or a 3-credit research project
  • 9 credits of required (core) courses
  • 3 credits of mathematical physics or applied mathematics
  • 6 credits of required Education courses
  • the remaining credits are to be filled with elective courses


Choose 3 among the following Physics courses

Class number Class name # of credits
26:755:611 Classical Mechanics 3
26:755:621 Classical Electrodynamics 3
26:755:631 Quantum Mechanics 3
26:755:641 Statistical Mechanics 3


Required Education courses

Class number Class name # of credits
15:256:551 Development of Ideas in the Physical Sciences 3
26:755:750 Physics Education (to be available in Fall 2021) 3


Available Electives

Class number Class name # of credits
26:755:710 Special Topics in Experimental Physics (topics vary) 3
26:755:711 Special Topics in Theoretical Physics (topics vary) 3
26:755:731 Quantum Mechanics 2 3
26:755:780 Quantum Mechanics 3 3
26:755:721 Electrodynamics 2 3
Other Rutgers-Newark Departments Other departments (Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Education) offer several electives of interest
NJIT NJIT offers several electives such as Biophysics, Physics of Materials and several others
New Brunswick Rutgers New-Brunswick offers several electives in Physics, Engineering, Data Science, Education and others