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Welcome new lab members!

Welcome four undergraduate researchers Sahar Saiyed, Juan Acosta, Amber Nepravishta, and Mariam Haroun to join as our newest group members! Sahar and Juan are getting ready to apply for graduate … Read More

Looking for a postdoc

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to conduct cutting-edge research in the field of biophysical chemistry and cell biology. We are currently offering two exciting research topics: 1. … Read More

Reid Award

Congratulations to Shilong for winning the Reid Award, which recognizes Rutgers Chemistry students with the highest honors for exceptional performance in research! Shilong gave a beautiful presentation about his research … Read More

Curvature and Mechanosensing

Shilong found that the shape of cell membrane directly regulates the distribution of Piezo1, a widely expressed mechanosensitive ion channel, within a cell. Piezo1 may flatten upon activation and can … Read More