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Curvature and Mechanosensing

Shilong found that the shape of cell membrane directly regulates the distribution of Piezo1, a widely expressed mechanosensitive ion channel, within a cell. Piezo1 may flatten upon activation and can … Read More

Tension along an axon

Our study on the membrane of¬†neuronal axons is now published on Science Advances! We found that membrane tension propagates at a surprisingly fast speed (20 microns/s!) along the axons of … Read More

Huan’s paper in the news

Huan’s paper on quantifying the surface tension and viscosity of protein condensates has been picked up by a wide range of news outlets, including: EurekAlert!, ScienceDaily, News wise,, Neuroscience … Read More

Aspirating protein droplets

Huan’s paper on using micropipette aspiration to quantify the surface tension and viscosity of liquid protein condensates is now published on the first issue of Biophysical Reports! She showed that … Read More