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Bunky @125

The Information Services Division is delighted to share a special issue of its newsletter to commemorate the 125th anniversary of E. M. Jellinek’s birth.

Click on the image to download the pdf of the Jellinek issue of the Center of Alcohol Studies Information Services

Table of Contents

  • Who remembers Jellinek? – We do!  Read our thoughts on Jellinek’s significance in the 21st century
  • Career highlights – The list of Jellinek’s most important achievements in one page
  • The world according to Jellinek – Includes Part 3 of exciting new discoveries from the correspondence between Mark Keller and Jellinek’s wife, Thelma Pierce Anderson. Offers an insight into Jellinek’s brilliant mind via his unorthodox writing, and a excerpt from the “Shoe book” translated into English for the first time at CAS Library staff
  • Bunky’s Pantheon – “Bunky” entertains himself throughout this biographical dictionary cum gossip column by retelling classical legends in contemporary language.
  • Jellinek according to the world – A sneak peek into the ongoing Jellinek research at the CAS Library paired with a collection of representative quotes about Jellinek
  • Eponymously Jellinek – A household name all over the world: about the greatest award in addiction science, listings of institutions named after Jellinek
  • Happy birthday, Bunky!

 The Jellinek Corner, our tribute display at the CAS Librarydisplay


Download the full newsletter.