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Week Instructor Topic Student Topic I&E Topic
1 Scientific research papers My research group Introduction & Overview
2 How to approach the literature My research project Clinical Immersion
3 Proposal writing I

Ethics in research

Selected research papers Creating an innovative concept
4 Proposal writing  II

How to prepare an abstract

Proposal Overview and Specific Aims (draft) Identifying a market
5 Oral presentations: structure and how to report results Proposal Research Strategy section (draft) Competitive analysis
6 Writing a personal statement

Letters of recommendation

Complete Mini-proposal due (draft)

Abstract (draft 1)

Business Models
7 Poster design Final Mini-Proposal due

Abstract (Draft 2)

8 Oral presentation feedback Rehearsals for Oral Presentation

Final Abstract due

9 Poster sessions – engaging an audience Poster Draft due

Personal Statement (Draft)

Business pitch rehearsals
10 REU Research Symposium

Poster Presentation and Business Pitches

Personal Statement due

Table 2: Research seminars