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Between the legacy REU and the current site, there have been 134 participants in the Cellular Bioengineering REU, of which 110 have completed their undergraduate studies. Of those 80% continued with their education in one form or another, and 73% entered graduate school for either an MS or PhD.

The REU students were asked to fill out surveys pre- and post-REU on a variety of subjects related to their perceived understanding of research and how it fits into their goals and aspirations. Among the largest increase pre-to-post program was in response to the statement: “I know what it takes to be a graduate student in a lab” (final rating 5.72/7 vs 4.00/7 preliminary rating, with 7 being “strongly agree” and 1 being “strongly disagree”).

Broad impact: Reaching or nearing important milestones for our demographics:

    • Over 58% from Primarily Undergraduate Institutions
    • Over 55% female
    • 46% under-represented minorities
    • 37% 1st generation to college students
    • 45% Economically Disadvantaged
    • Elevated geographic diversity