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     Bobbi Bach Freedman was born in Roosevelt, NJ in 1951. Her parents were among the first group of families to move into what became Roosevelt before other relatives arrived in Roosevelt in following groups of settlers.
     Bobbi’s grandfather and great grandparents Sam and Rose Bach arrived in Brotmanville in 1914. Her grandfather, Sam Max Bach and three of Sam’s sons worked in a clothing factory owned by the Brotmans (featured in this exhibit). They lived on a three acre farm which they owned. Sam also served as  the cantor in the synagogue in Alliance. Bobbi’s father Irving Bach was born in Vineland, NJ in 1917. In 1936, when he was 19 years old, he worked as a carpenter building homes in Jersey Homesteads. He attended the National Farm School, and then graduated from the Rutgers Agricultural School, class of 1941. Upon his return from WWII, he taught Agriculture at Upper Freehold Regional High School, while owning a farm in Roosevelt, NJ. He earned his Master’s degree in Education from Rutgers in 1952. The family moved from Roosevelt to Vineland, NJ in 1953, where Irving taught Agriculture at the Vineland High School. In 1972, he taught Vocational Education classes within the Rutgers Graduate School of Education.


Homestead Acres, the farm in Roosevelt, that Estelle and Irving Bach won in a lottery in December 1947. The farm (now a horse ranch) is located on Clarksburg Road/Route 571.



Audrey Bach age 3 sitting on the farm’s tractor, Roosevelt, NJ.  August,1948.



Teacher Irving Bach, with an agriculture student, Paul Ottenheimer, July,1953.



Gravestones of Bobbi’s grandfather, Morris Bach (1954) and grandmother, Nettie Bach (1955). Alliance Cemetery, Norma, NJ. A number of other family members are buried in Alliance Cemetery. Great grandfather, Sam Max Bach – no picture available, is buried in the front row section 1, he died 1/1/1923.
Great grandmother Rose Bach is buried behind him. She died 2/14/1951.



Gravestone of Irving Elihu Bach (1993) Alliance Cemetery.  Estelle Bach’s gravestone is next to Bobbi’s father at Alliance Cemetery (2019). Irving’s mother’s parents Albert (1972) and Bertha (1958) Kaplan, are buried in the Jewish Section of the Roosevelt Cemetery.