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     Linda Casson’s great-uncle Louis M. Notkin arrived at Ellis Island in 1909. Louis lived with his parents, David and Bessie Notkin, brother Solomon, and sisters Manya, Fannie and Billie on their farm in Pittsgrove Township (Six Points) from 1909 – 1912. They grew tomatoes, strawberries, and other vegetables, and had one horse and one cow. By the end of 1912, they decided they were not cut out to be farmers, and moved back to the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Louis served in the First World War and eventually became an attorney before becoming the Executive Director of the YMHA in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Linda’s great-uncle Louis M. Notkin, age 16, on the family’s farm in
Six Points, Pittsgrove Township, New Jersey.
circa 1911


You can read a section of Linda’s great-aunt Billie Notkin Tannenbaum’s oral history below which includes anecdotes about their days on the farm.

Notkin Family Farm BNT Oral History

credit: Linda Casson and Sharon Bray