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     Lior is a Rutgers alumnus and part of an organization called Hashomer Hatzair that used to have a training farm in Hightstown, NJ. The farm prepared young members of the movement for eventual immigration to pre-state Palestine and independent Israel from the late 1930s to the late 1960s.
     All of the images in this series are from the Hashomer Hatzair “Hehalutz” (the Pioneer) Farm in Hightstown, NJ. At the time, Hehalutz was used to help young people adapt more quickly to life on a kibbutz, once they immigrated to Israel. The average age of the young people on this farm was between 17-20 years old.
     The images are sourced from the Yad Yaari Documentation & Research Center in Givat Haviva, Israel.


A young woman in the chicken coop, circa 1967


Lilit Shatzberg sorting eggs from the chicken coop
wearing a sweatshirt with a Hashomer Hatzair logo, circa 1967


Two young people working in the refet (cow pen/barn), circa 1967


Spring planting, circa 1946


Aerial view of the Hehalutz Farm, taken by Arieh Yaakobi, circa 1940