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Congrats, Grace & Clara!

Congratulations to our recent graduates Grace Grmek and Clara Angioletti for starting the next phase of their academic career! Grace is going to be a Clinical Research Coordinator at the Loggia lab at Harvard University, and Clara is going to be a Research Specialist at the University of Pittsburgh with Dr. Neil Jones. Congratulations! We … Read More

Congratulations, Henry Rutgers Scholars!!

We are so proud of our graduating seniors, Grace Grmek and Clara Angioletti, for receiving the prestigious Henry Rutgers Scholar Award! Henry Rutgers Scholar Award recognizes graduating seniors who have completed outstanding independent research projects leading to a thesis in their major field of study or an interdisciplinary thesis. These awards are offered across all departments … Read More

Congratulations! CALC conference acceptances, 2022!

Congratulations to all of our fabulous lab members whose submissions have been accepted at the upcoming Cognitive Development Society Conference at Madison, WI! You will hear from us about: Are babies able to map how many things they see to how many sounds they hear? Poster by our undergrads Miaofan, Jarin, and Rahma! Can babies … Read More

Congratulations to Jarin!

Congratulations to our undergraduate RA and recipient of the Science for Undergraduates (Project SUPER) fellowship, Jarin-Atu Aminu, on being accepted for the prestigious BA/MPH program at the Rutgers School of Public Health! We are so proud of you, Jarin!

Welcome new members!

We are super excited to welcome new members to our lab this Fall! We have four new undergraduate research assistants! Robert, Daniella, Walter, and Jenny! Dr. Marta and Dr. Vanessa are joining us as post-doc associates, and Ms. Kathleen is joining us as a first-year graduate student. Our lab is growing well and we are … Read More

Our research on curiosity featured in Rutgers Today!

Our research is featured in this week’s Rutgers Today (! The study was published in the journal Psychological Science ( by Jenny Wang, Assistant Professor in Psychology. The study showed that preschool children are more motivated to learn when they know just enough to find the topic interesting, but not too much that it becomes … Read More