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Kristen Syrett published in IJLCD and Lang. Linguist. Compass

Prof. Kristen Syrett was published in the International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders (IJLCD) along with co-authors Catherine Davies, Susan Ebbels, Hilary Nicoll, Sarah White, and Cecilia Zuniga-Montanez.

Prof. Syrett describes the paper, “Supporting adjective learning by children with Developmental Language Disorder: Enhancing metalinguistic approaches”, as a “collaborative endeavor between linguists, psychologists, educators, and clinicians”. Find the paper in the Wiley Online Library here:

A month earlier, an associated paper of hers, “Supporting adjective learning across the curriculum by 5–7 year-olds: Insights from psychological research” was published in Language and Linguistics Compass. This was co-authored with Lucy Taylor, Samantha Wilkes, and Cecilia Zuniga-Montanez.