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Colloquia are generally held Fridays at 3 pm, in Room 108 of the Linguistics Department, 18 Seminary Place, College Ave Campus. A reception or potluck typically follows. Speakers are selected by the graduate students in consultation with (and with suggestions from) the faculty.

For more information, please contact the current colloquium organizers:

Akane Ohtaka:  akane.ohtaka (at)
Wenyue Hua: wenyue.hua (at)
Sreekar Raghotham: sreekar.raghotham (at)


Schedule for Spring 2020:

Friday, January 31
Nadine Theiler (UConn):

  • Ungrammaticality from triviality: deriving selectional restrictions of attitude verbs (details)
  • Witness protection: A unified semantics for additive particles in assertions and questions (details)

Friday, February 7
Deniz Özyıldız (UMass):

  • Rethinking questions (details)
  • The shape, meaning, and sound of factivity (details)

Friday, February 14
Dorothy Ahn (Harvard):

  • Semantic research in the signed modality (details)
  • A competition mechanism for anaphoric expressions (details)

Friday, February 21
Virgina Dawson (UC Berkeley):

  • What do imperatives mean? (details)
  • Paths to exceptional wide scope: Choice functions in Tiwa (details)

Friday, March 6
Jon Ander Mendia (Cornell):

Friday, April 3
Rajesh Bhatt (UMass): title TBA

Fall 2019

Friday, October 18
Lynn Burley (University of Central Arkansas): Teaching Linguistics with Case Studies: High-Impact Learning

Friday, October 25
Jason Bishop (CUNY): Prosodic evidence for individual differences in speech production planning

Friday, November 1
Jim Wood (Yale): Putting our heads together: Icelandic deverbal event nouns and allosemy (details)

Friday, November 22
Jeff Heinz (Stony Brook): Deterministic Analyses of Optional Processes

Friday, December 13
Cleo Condoravdi (Stanford): Polarity Reversal and Scalarity in Counterfactuals

Fall 2018

Friday, September 21
Keir Moulton (University of Toronto). Exceptional Agreement via Clausal Determiners

Friday, October 19
Anna Szabolcsi (NYU): Title TBD

Friday, October 26
Kevin McMullin (University of Ottawa): Title TBD


Fall 2017

Friday, October 20
Craige Roberts: De se semantics for indexicals

Friday, November 03
Juliette Stanton: Constraints on contrast motivate nasal cluster dissimilation

Friday, December 15
Thomas Graf: One reason to move, a million reasons to be an island: Third-factor explanations from computational syntax

Spring 2018

Tuesday, January 23
Ryan Bochnak: Temporal interpretation in complement clauses: The view from Washo, an optional tense language

Friday, February 02
Andries Coetzee: Radically Individualized Linguistic Competence

Tuesday, February 06
Yimei Xiang: Complete and true: Attitudes held of questions

Friday, February 09
Greg Scontras: Property noise and ambiguity resolution: The case of stubborn distributivity

Tuesday, February 13
Yasutada Sudo: How scalar implicatures and presuppositions interact

Friday, February 16
Susi Wurmbrand: ECM cross-linguistically — Consequences for the A/A’-distinction, Case and clause reduction

Tuesday, February 27
Prerna Nadathur: Necessity, sufficiency, and actuality: causal dependence in implicative inferences

Friday, March 02
Mariapaola D’Imperio: Language-specific prosodic parsing: a window into the nature of phonological and phonetic category learning

Friday, March 09
Elliott Moreton: Featural-simplicity biases in phonological learning

Fall 2015

Friday, September 25
Andrew Nevins (UCL): Where Can Linearity Trump Hierarchy in Syntax?

Friday, October 23
Gillian Gallagher (NYU): Natural Classes and Phonotactic Patterns

Friday, November 06
Ian Roberts (Cambridge): A Parameter Hierarchy for Passives

Friday, December 04
Gennaro Chierchia (Harvard): Where Does Weak Crossover Come From?

Spring 2016



Fall 2014

September 26
Liliana Sanchez (Rutgers): Modularity from the bilingual perspective: Crosslinguistic influence, feature reassembly and functional convergence

October 24
Florian Schwarz (UPenn): Presupposition and implicatures in online processing

November 21
Magda Kaufmann (UConn): Embedded imperatives: venturing into the cross-linguistic picture

December 5
Bruce Tesar (Rutgers): Output-Driven Phonology

Spring 2015

February 6
Douglas Pulleyblank (UBC): Out from under lying forms

March 6
Alexander Williams (UMD): Implicit agents and remote control

April 3
David Pesetsky (MIT): Islands in the modern world

Fall 2013

September 27
Kyle Rawlins (Johns Hopkins): ‘About’ attitudes

October 25

Chris Collins (NYU): Horn Clauses and the Analysis of Negative Polarity Items*

Spring 2014

January 28-29
Andreea Nicolae
Polarity and Exhaustivity in Questions.

Am I right or wrong? Where do disjunctive questions come from?

February 6-7
Peter Klecha
Imprecision and Modality

Constraints on Temporal Orientation

February 13-14
Igor Yanovich
Necessity modals: from two strengths to many colors

Variable-force modality

February 27-28
Simon Charlow
Locality in the syntax and semantics of attitude ascriptions.

The dynamic core of exceptional scope.

March 4-5
Benjamin George

March 7
Brett Hyde (Wash U): TBA

April 25
Marcel Den Dikken (Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences): The Attractions of Agreement