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Syntactic Theory at Rutgers


We are a group dedicated to Syntactic Theory. In our meetings grad students have the opportunity to:

  • Read and discuss recent publications in Syntax,
  • Hear talks by invited speakers
  • Present on their own work in syntax, and get feedback from each other



Faculty Organizer
Troy Messick (troy.messick [at]

Grad Organizers
Shiori Ikawa (shiori.ikawa [at]
Meg Gotowski (megan.gotowski [at]
Jiaxing Yu (jiaxing.j.yu [at]


Meetings for this semester

Oct 1 2021: 3:30- (online)
Organizational meeting

Oct 22 2021 3:30-5:00 (@Ling 108)
Lightning talks by the participants

Nov 5 2021 3:30-5:00 (@Ling 108)

Nov 19 2021 2:00- (modality: TBA)

Dec 3 2021 2:00- (modality:TBA)
(Tentative schedule: A talk by Ken Safir)


Past Meetings

May 3 2021: 4:20-5:50
Practice Talk: Sreekar Raghotham. Privativity and Number Features: The view from Telugu.

April 26 2021: 4:30-5:50
Practice Talk: Hazel Mitchley. A new way of introducing the external argument, and its implications for ‘bundling’

April 19 2021: 4:30-5:50
Talk: Yair Haendler. Effects of pronouns’ referential properties on relative clause processing

April 5 2021: 4:30-5:50
Talk: Mark Baker. On Upward Complementizer Agreement and its Relationships to Other Things

March 22 2021: 4:30-5:50
Practice Talk: Troy Messick & Sreekar Raghotham. Morphosyntax values itself

Mar 1 2021: 4:30-5:50
Paper Discussion: Moulton (2014) led by Hazel Mitchley

Dec 18 2020: 11:30-12:50
Practice Talk: Jiaxing Yu. Title TBA
Practice Talk: Deepak Alok & Mark Baker. Title TBA
Practice Talk:Shiori Ikawa. Title TBA

Dec 9 2020: 11:30-12:50
Talk: Heidi Harley (UArizona). “Relative nominals and event nominals in Hiaki”

Nov 17 2020: 11:30-12:50
Talk: Jiaxing Yu. Syntax-Semantics analysis of classifiers in Mandarin

Oct 9 2020: 11:30-12:50
Talk: Hazel Mitchley. Title TBA

Sept 25 2020: 11:30-12:50
Talk: Shiori Ikawa. “Interpreting Agreement: Evidence from Japanese Object Honorifics”

Mar 4 2020: 11:30-12:50
Practice Talk: Livia Camargo Souza. “Locality Domains for Number-Based Suppletion: Evidence from Yawanawa”

Dec 4 2019: 11:30-12:50
Practice Talk: Augustina Owusu. “Tense and Aspect in Akan”

Nov 20 2019: 11:30-12:50
Talk: Yining Nie (NYU). “The limits of applicative recursion”

Nov 6 2019: 11:30-12:50
Talk: Miloje Despic (Cornell). “On Morphology and Syntax of Agreement in Algonquian: Two Ways of Engaging with Multiple Arguments” (Joint work with Michael Hamilton & Sarah Murray)

Oct 23 2019: 10:30-12:50
Paper Discussion (joint Meeting with MRG)

Oct 9 2019: 11:30-12:50
Practice Talks:
Meg Gotowski. “What Quoi-sluices reveal about ellipsis and wh-clitics in French.”
Shiori Ikawa. “Long-distance binding of the reflexive anaphor zibun in Japanese” 

Sept 25 2019: 11:30-12:50
Talk: Natasha Chemey. “I’ve got a talk about ‘have got'”

Sept 19 2019: 11:30-12:50
Talk: Troy Messick. “3/4 agreement patterns and monotonicity”