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Welcome to the Rutgers Phonology and Phonetics Research Group (PhonX)!

Fall 2019 Meetings:

Friday 10:00am – 11:50am
6 meetings in total
Location: Room 108
  • Sept. 6 (First meeting) 10:00am – 11:00am:
    • Introductions and icebreaker; 
    • The housing and traveling plan of AMP;
    • 5-minutes flash talks about your current research.
  • Sept. 13:
    • Topic: “Ad Hoc Phonetic Categorization and Prediction”
    • Speaker: Ryan Rhodes (RuCCs)
    • Slides: [Link]
  • Oct. 4 (AMP practice presentation): 
    1. Adam McCollum: Sonority-driven stress and vowel reduction in Uyghur
    2. Adam Jardine and Nate Koser: Stress assignment and subsequentiality 
  • Oct. 18:
    • Topic: Unifying Prosodic and Segmental Repair: Metathesis and Epenthesis in Uab Meto 
    • Speaker: Kate Mooney (NYU)
    • Abstract: This paper examines a pattern of metathesis in Uab Meto (Austronesian; Timor, Indonesia), where metathesis is a) synchronically productive, and b) conditioned by phonotactics and sentence prosody requirements. I propose that the order of consonants and vowels is phonologically determined, and so surface alternations in linear order are fully predictable based on variation in the phonotactic environment, such as affixation or prosodic vowel lengthening. This bears on the longstanding debate on the status of metathesis: whether it exists at all synchronically, given its typological rarity (Webb 1974; Hume 1998; a.o.) or if it is not a primitive operation (Takahashi 2018).
  • Nov. 15:
    • Topic: Representation (Underlying)
    • Speaker: TBA
    • Reading: TBA
  • Dec. 6:
    • Topic: Learnability
    • Speaker: TBA
    • Reading: TBA


Spring 2019 Meetings:

Mar 16, 10am-12pm:
Practice talks: Dine and Liv (SAL) and Nate (PLC)



Faculty Organizer:
Adam Jardine []

Grad Student Organizers:
Dine Mamadou []
Huteng Dai []