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Kristen Syrett quoted in CNN article

Prof. Kristen Syrett talked about inclusive language in the context of reproductive rights in an article published on CNN. The article, “The language we use to talk about pregnancy and abortion is changing. But not everyone welcomes the shift,” written by Harmeet Kaur, details the differences in perspectives on the use of gender-neutral language for … Read More

Shuyan Wang joins as post-doc for LDLS

A warm welcome to Shuyan Wang, who joins Rutgers as a post-doctoral researcher starting this semester. Her primary appointment is with Prof. Kristen Syrett at the Laboratory for Developmental Language Studies (LDLS), where they will be working on the lab’s ongoing projects that investigate how humans understand language throughout the stages of development. Shuyan provided … Read More

Luke Adamson joins as visiting lecturer

Welcome to Luke Adamson, who joins Rutgers Linguistics as a visiting lecturer. Get to know Luke a bit better with his self-introduction below: Hi! My name is Luke Adamson, and I’m excited to be in the linguistics department at Rutgers as a visiting lecturer this year. I did my graduate studies at UPenn, and before … Read More

Rutgers phonologists present their work at WMTRP

Prof. Adam Jardine, recent alum Eileen Blum, and grad student Huteng Dai are presenting at the Workshop on Model Theoretic Representations in Phonology (WMTRP) later this month at Stony Brook University. On Sept. 23, Prof. Jardine joins his collaborators Prof. Siddharth Bhaskar of James Madison University and Prof. Jane Chandlee of Haverford College to present … Read More

Gérard Avelino presented at APLL 14 and CreteLing 2022

Earlier this summer, graduate student Gérard Avelino (3rd year) gave a presentation at the 14th International Austronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics Conference (APLL 14) at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. His talk was titled “T’boli Benefactive and Instrumental Applicatives.” A short abstract of his work is below: This paper examines applicatives in Tboli, a … Read More

Akinbiyi Akinlabi inducted into the Nigerian Academy of Letters

We are happy to report that Professor Akinbiyi Akinlabi was inducted into the Nigerian Academy of Letters in Lagos, Nigeria, on August 11, 2022. The Nigerian Academy of Letters is the country’s highest body for the advancement of research in the arts and humanities. Prof. Akinlabi, along with 33 other esteemed academics, was formally welcomed … Read More

Rutgers linguists at ALS 6

Professor Akinbiyi Akinlabi taught at the African Linguistics School 6, held at Porto-Novo, Benin Republic, from July 16-July 30, 2022. He co-founded this graduate summer school in 2009. This year’s school was funded by the NSF and Yale University. In addition, Tajudeen Mamadou Yacoubou, 6th year graduate student, served as a Teaching Assistant at ALS 6. In … Read More

Eileen Blum defends her dissertation

Congratulations to Eileen Blum who passed her dissertation defense (with revisions) on Sept. 2! —— Title: The effects of non-linear data structures on the computation of vowel harmony Committee: Adam Jardine, Bruce Tesar, Akinbiyi Akinlabi, and Eric Baković Abstract: This dissertation develops a new theory of autosegmental locality for vowel harmony patterns. Vowel harmony (vh) … Read More

Lydia Newkirk defends her dissertation

Many congratulations are in order for Lydia Newkirk for successfully defending her dissertation! Her defense took place on August 24. —– Title: Be flexible, but not too flexible: limited variable-force modals in Kinande and the typology of modal force Committee: Simon Charlow, Troy Messick, Ken Safir, Lisa Matthewson Abstract: This dissertation has two goals: First, … Read More

Welcome to Our New Grad Students!

It’s a new academic year, and five fresh faces are coming to Rutgers Linguistics! Join us in giving a warm welcome to our department’s new cohort of graduate students. Read on: they’ve each sent us a little introduction for us to get to know them better. Welcome!!! Thương (Beryl) Bùi Hi, I’m Beryl. Beryl (a … Read More