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Kristen Syrett invited for workshop Children Learning Adjectives

Kristen Syrett was one of the invited speakers at a workshop Children Learning Adjectives, organized by the Leeds Child Development Unit at the University of Leeds. Prof Syrett talked about what adjectives are, their various types and properties, and how caregivers can highlight adjectives in their speech. More about this workshop in their news article here.

Kristen Syrett published in Frontiers in Psychology.

Prof. Kristen Syrett in joint work with Michelle Goldin (University of Albany, SUNY) and Liliana Sanchez (University of Illinois at Chicago) recently published in Frontiers in Psychology, titled, ‘Perspective – Taking with Deictic Motion verbs in Spanish : What We Learn About Semantics and the Lexicon From Heritage Child Speakers and Adults‘. The article can … Read More

Kristen Syrett published and also received an NSF grant

Prof. Kristen Syrett in joint work with Athulya Aravind (MIT) has a new article in the Journal of Child Language. Their joint work received an NSF grant as well! Congratulations!! More details below : Context sensitivity and the semantics of count nouns in the evaluation of partial objects by children and adults. Previous research has … Read More

Yair Haendler joins Rutgers Linguistics!

We’re thrilled to introduce everyone to Yair Haendler, who has joined the Rutgers Linguistics department as a postdoctoral researcher with Professor Mariapaola D’Imperio. Here is a brief note Yair kindly wrote for us to learn more about him : Hi, my name is Yair Haendler and I’m a new postdoc at the Linguistics Department. I … Read More

Dorothy Ahn at University of Toronto

Our newest faculty member, Prof. Dorothy Ahn was recently invited as a guest speaker at the University of Toronto Linguistics colloquium. The talk, titled `Marked definite expressions in spoken and signed languages’, was given on 02/12/2021. Please find  the abstract below: Expressions such as pronouns, definite descriptions, and demonstratives can all refer to a familiar … Read More

Yimei Xiang in Natural Language Semantics

Yimei Xiang (Faculty) has a new paper out ‘online first’ in Natural Language Semantics. The paper can be freely accessed here: Details below. Congratulations Yimei! Xiang, Yimei. Higher-order readings of wh-questions. Natural Language Semantics (2021). Abstract In most cases, a wh-question calls for an answer that names an entity in the set denoted … Read More

Mariapaola D’Imperio in First Language

A new paper by Mariapaola D’Imperio (Faculty) and colleagues at the University of Milan-Biocca is now out ‘online first’ in the journal First Language. They study the impact of early cochlear implantation on children and conclude that children implanted early use intonation patterns just like children of the same age with typical hearing do. Details … Read More

Mark Baker in this week’s Linguistic Flash Mob

Mark Baker (Faculty) debates Case with Julie Legate (Penn) in this week’s “linguistic flash-mob” on Thursday, 21 Jan, 2021 at noon ET. The debate revolves around the following three questions/points: Are direct cases a by-product of Agree or do they derive from the algorithm of dependent case? How do you account for ergative vs. accusative … Read More

Adam McCollum at Keio and International Christian Universities

Adam McCollum (Faculty) will give a talk titled ‘Tutrugbu and the nature of unbounded feature spreading’ as part of the Keio and International Christian Universities’ Linguistics Colloquium series on the 28th of January, 2020. The series organizers, both with Rutgers links, Seunghun J. Lee (PhD ’08) and Shigeto Kawahara (former faculty member) have encouraged Rutgers … Read More

Rutgers @ LSA Annual Meeting 2021

Rutgers Linguistics was well-represented at this year’s LSA Annual Meeting. Jiaxing Yu, Akane Ohtaka, Shiori Ikawa and Troy Messick presented posters at various general sessions. Mark Baker (who was also inducted as an LSA Fellow this year) and Deepak Alok had talks in a symposium titled “The features of allocutivity, honorifics and social relation”. Titles … Read More

Mark Baker elected LSA Fellow

Mark Baker, Distinguished Professor, department chair and fellow linguist, has been elected as a Fellow of the Linguistic Society of America! Fellows are elected each year for “their distinguished contributions to the discipline”. Mark and eight other linguists will be inducted as Fellows on Jan 8, 2021 at the LSA Annual Meeting. Hearty congratulations Mark! … Read More

Meg Gotowski Invited to Speak at UNC

We’re proud to announce that grad student Meg Gotowski gave an invited talk at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Oct. 30th, titled, “Children’s Interpretations of Comparatives“. The talk centered on her ongoing acquisition research with Prof. Kristen Syrett here at Rutgers Linguistics!

Rutgers in NLLT

We’re excited to announce that Rutgers Linguistics is very well-represented in the November issue of Natural Language & Linguistic Theory, with articles by the following linguists:   Mark Baker & Livia Camargo Souza: Agree without Agreement: Switch-reference and reflexive voice in two Panoan languages Rajesh Bhatt & Veneeta Dayal (who is technically now at Yale, … Read More

Augustina Owusu Passed Her Dissertation Defense

Congratulations to Augustina Owusu, who passed her dissertation defense on Friday, Nov. 20th!! Title:  “Cross-Categorial Definiteness/Familiarity” Chair: Simon Charlow Committee: Viviane Deprez, Veneeta Dayal (Yale), Malte Zimmermann (External, Potsdam University) Abstract: This dissertation examines the semantics of the definite determiner nó in Akan. The Akan definite determiner occurs in the DPs as usual and occurs outside the nominal … Read More

Prof. D’Imperio Published in “The Oxford Handbook of Language Prosody” and “Lab Phonology”

We’re excited to announce that Professor Mariapaola D’Imperio has been published in the Journal of the Association for Laboratory Phonology and is also the first author of Chapter 16 in The Oxford Handbook of Language Prosody, on varieties in Southern Europe, which can be found here. The journal article was jointly published with her student, Riccardo … Read More

Rutgers at AMP 2020

Rutgers Linguistics had a large showing at the Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP) this year, with two posters and a talk by current graduate students, and a poster by a Rutgers alum. Details are below: Oakden, Chris. “Southern Min tone Circles: Parallel satisfaction using recursive schemes”. Poster. Dolatian, Hossep; Koser, Nate; Rawski, Jonathan; & Strother-Garcia, … Read More

Rutgers at CALL

Rutgers Linguistics was represented by graduate student Tajudeen Mamadou Y., Prof. Akinbiyi Akinlabi, and Gildas Gondo at the 50th Colloquium of African Languages and Linguistics (CALL) on Wednesday, September 2nd, organized by the Leiden University. Mamadou, Akinlabi & Gondo’s talk was titled, Tone in Pronominal Inflections and Polarity in Dan Gblɛ̀ɛ̀wò. The full program can be found … Read More

Happy Halloween!

To celebrate Halloween this year, we’d like to formally introduce two of the newest members of our department: Ethan Koser and Ian Jardine! Up first is Ethan, born July 28th. He is described as “a happy, healthy baby who is keeping mom and dad occupied and entertained in quarantine”.    Our second new linguist is … Read More

Livia Camargo Souza Successfully Defended Her Dissertation

We’re thrilled to announce that Livia Camargo Souza successfully defended her dissertation on September 4th!! Title: “Switch-reference as anaphora: a modular account” Chair: Mark Baker Committee Members: Ken Safir, Viviane Deprez, Simon Charlow, and Karlos Arregi (External, University of Chicago) Abstract: For over 50 years, linguists have raised questions about the nature of switch-reference (SR): … Read More

Kristen Syrett Published in “Language Acquisition”

Professor Kristen Syrett recently published an article titled, “Establishing upper bounds in English monolingual and Heritage Spanish-English bilingual language development“ in Language Acquisition, along with colleagues Liliana Sánchez and Jennifer Austin from the Rutgers Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies. The article can be found here, and the abstract is copied below: “Quantificational elements such … Read More

Rutgers in “Phonology”

We’re extremely proud to announce that, out of the four articles featured in the latest issue of Phonology, three of them are from Rutgers linguists! The first is “Unbounded circumambient patterns in segmental phonology“, co-authored by Prof. Adam McCollum, alumnus Eric Baković, Anna Mai, and Eric Meinhardt. The second article, “Notational equivalence in tonal geometry” is … Read More

Meet Our New Grad Students!

We are so excited to be able to welcome four new graduate students to RU Linguistics this fall!! We collected some information about each of them to help the department get to know them a bit better. To our new first years: Welcome!!! JP Doherty Hi, I’m JP! I moved here from a town in … Read More

Dorothy Ahn Joins RU Linguistics!

We’re so excited to be able to officially welcome Dorothy Ahn to our department! To get to know her a bit more, we asked her to write a few paragraphs about herself…   “I’m very excited to join the department this fall, with a virtual-to-real transition in the beginning! My research combines theoretical and experimental … Read More

Prof. Syrett Interviewed by NPR and Yahoo! Life

On July 8th, Prof. Kristen Syrett was interviewed for a Yahoo! Life article, titled: “From ‘master bedroom’ to ‘blacklist’: What will it take to change racist terms in our everyday language?“. If you’d like to read it, this article can be found here. More recently, Prof. Syrett was also interviewed by Robin Young for a segment on … Read More

Morgan Moyer to do Postdocs at Stanford and CNRS Paris

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Morgan Moyer successfully defended her dissertation on July 20th! Title: The question of questions: Resolving (non-)exhaustivity in wh-questions Chair: Kristen Syrett Committee Members: Yimei Xiang, Paul Pietroski, Veneeta Dayal (Yale), Alex Lascarides (U. of Edinburgh)   Morgan will also be doing an NSF-SPRF postdoc at Stanford with Judith Degen, and … Read More

Deepak Alok Successfully Defended His Dissertation

We’re thrilled to announce that Deepak Alok successfully defended his dissertation on July 15th!!   Title: “Speaker and Addressee in Natural Language: Honorificity, Indexicality and their Interaction in Magahi” Co-Chairs: Mark Baker and Veneeta Dayal Committee Members: Troy Messick and Paul Portner (External, Georgetown University)   Congratulations, Dr. Alok! We wish you all the best on the … Read More

Prof. D’Imperio Appointed International Chair for LabEx EFL

Prof. Mariapaola D’Imperio has obtained a position as the International Chair for The Laboratoire d’excellence “Empirical Foundations of Linguistics: data, methods, models” [LabEx EFL] program, and will be giving a four week lecture series next summer in Paris. The lecture series is titled, “Prosodic interfaces with pragmatic meaning: a laboratory phonology perspective”. The position, which … Read More

Morgan Moyer and Prof. Kristen Syrett Published in WIREs Cog Sci

Graduate student Morgan Moyer and Prof. Kristen Syrett have published a paper, titled, “The Study of Questions”, in WIREs Cognitive Science! The abstract is below: “Asking questions is a fundamental aspect of human nature. Languages all around the world encode interrogative constructions. It is therefore incumbent upon semanticists to capture the meaning of questions. However, … Read More

Deepak Alok’s Paper Accepted in “Syntax”!

A paper by graduate student Deepak Alok has been accepted for publication in “Syntax“! The paper, titled The Morphosyntax of Magahi Addressee Agreement, looks at allocutive agreement in Magahi (Eastern Indo-Iranian). The abstract is below: “This paper analyzes ‘addressee agreement’ (“allocutive agreement”) in Magahi, an Eastern Indo-Aryan language. Magahi finite verbs encode honorificity (e.g., social … Read More

Daniel Altshuler Starts New Position as Associate Professor and Tutorial Fellow at Univ. of Oxford

We’re thrilled to announce that our alumnus Daniel Altshuler will be starting a new position as an Associate Professor in Semantics at the University of Oxford, in the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics, with a Tutorial Fellowship at Jesus College and a Lectureship at Brasenose College next month! Congratulations, Daniel!  We wish you all … Read More

Congratulations to Dr. Vera Gor!

Last Wednesday, June 3rd, Vera Gor was our first-ever student to defend her dissertation entirely online! Fusing together psycholinguistic experimentation and syntactic theory, her dissertation is titled, “Experimental investigations of Principle C at the Syntax-Pragmatics Interface“. Her committee included: Profs. Kristen Syrett (co-chair), Ken Safir (co-chair), Mark Baker, and Elsi Kaiser (external, USC). To read … Read More

Pets of the Department: Quarantine Edition

  Welcome back to Pets of the Department! We have a special *themed* post for you all, today… It’s Quarantine Edition!   Here’s how the department pets have been surviving the quarantine… Uni (Owner: Simon) “This is Uni, and a freshly bloomed magnolia tree.” Ava (Owner: Tatevik) Due to a shortage of food at grocery stores, … Read More

Prof. D’Imperio’s Advisee Successfully Defends Dissertation

Congratulations To Prof. Mariapaola D’Imperio, whose advisee Riccardo Orrico (Aix Marseille University and University of Salerno) has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation! It was titled, “Individual Variability in Intonational Meaning Identification: The role of cognitive and sociolinguistic variables” and received the highest possible pass grade of Cum Laude. 

A Warm Welcome to Our Incoming Students!

Please join me in welcoming some of our students who will be with us this fall! They’ve each graciously agreed to write a short bio about themselves, so we hope you enjoy getting to know them. Akane Ohtaka Hi everyone, my name is Akane Ohtaka. I am from Japan, and I have been studying Syntax … Read More

Yimei Xiang Published in Linguistics and Philosophy

We’re thrilled to announce that Professor Yimei Xiang has been published in Linguistics and Philosophy! The title of her article is, “A hybrid categorial approach to question composition.“  And as a bonus, we’ve been provided with a free, view-only link to access the article! So go ahead and click here if you’d like to read it.

Mariapaola D’Imperio Invited to Speak at TAI

We’re excited to announce that Professor Mariapaola D’Imperio has been invited as a keynote speaker at the 1st International Conference on Tone and Intonation [TAI], hosted in Sønderborg, Denmark! Her talk will be titled: Perceiving Intonation in a Multifaced Society: The Role of Cognitive and Indexical Factors. The abstract can be found here, and for … Read More

Yimei Xiang Published in Journal of Semantics

Professor Yimei Xiang has published an article in the Journal of Semantics! Details below: Xiang, Yimei. 2020. Function Alternations of the Mandarin Particle Dou: Distributor, Free Choice Licensor, and ‘Even’. Journal of Semantics. Advance article. Congratulations, Prof. Xiang!

Rutgers at ADPW3

In some slightly belated news, Rutgers was very well represented at the 3rd Afranaph Project Development Workshop (ADPW3). Five of our linguists presented, with four talks (plus an introduction by Prof. Ken Safir) and a poster on Dec. 13th-14th– more detailed information is as follows:   Ken Safir. Introduction to Afranaph and State of the … Read More

Linguistic Fieldwork at Rutgers – Huteng Dai (Vol. III)

Your name: Huteng Dai Info about the language(s) you did fieldwork on: The language is Yongning Na (Mosuo), a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Lijiang, Yunnan (southwestern China). There are at least 6 tonal categories in this language, and the tonal morpho-phonology in this language is extremely complex (see Michaud (2017) for detailed documentation and analysis). … Read More

Rutgers Open House!

Last Thursday, Rutgers Linguistics had its first-ever open house for prospective students!     Students had the opportunity to meet with professors, sit in on classes, and spend some time talking with the current graduate students throughout the day.           At lunch, prospectives were able to take a closer look at … Read More

Mariapaola D’Imperio Invited to Speak at Ecole Normale Supérieure and U of Salerno

We’re excited to announce that Prof. Mariapaola D’Imperio has been invited to give two talks in April 2020, at Ecole Normale Supérieure in France and the University of Salerno in Italy. Additional info is as follows: D’Imperio, Mariapaola. Invited speaker. Prosody and Gestures in Acquisition, Institud Jean Nicod, CNRS-EHESS. Ecole Normale Supérieure. Paris, France. April 9 … Read More

Rutgers at ConSoLE 28

Rutgers Linguistics was well-represented in Barcelona this year at the 28th meeting of the Conference of the Student Organisation of Linguistics in Europe [ConSoLE]. Second year graduate student Wenyue Hua gave a talk on Free Choice readings on Jan. 29th, and third year Meg Gotowski presented her research with Prof. Troy Messick via a poster … Read More

Rutgers at WCCFL 2020

We’re very proud to announce that a number of linguists from our department will be representing Rutgers Linguistics at the 38th West Coast Conference in Formal Linguistics 2020! Their names and presentations are listed below:         Livia Camargo Souza. Locality Domains for Number-Based Suppletion: Evidence from Yawanawa. Talk.         … Read More

Rutgers at SCiL

Rutgers will be well-represented at the 2020 meeting for the Society for Computation in Linguistics (co-located with LSA)! All three poster presentations will be given on Thursday, Jan. 2nd from 3-4pm during the “Formal Language Theory in Linguistics Works in Progress” session (and the conference continues through Sunday the 5th) at the Hilton New Orleans … Read More

Rutgers at NECPhon 2019

On Nov. 16th, Rutgers hosted the 2019 meeting of the Northeast Computational Phonology Circle [NECPhon]! Many of our own linguists presented their work– their talks are listed below: Wenyue Hua, Huteng Dai, & Adam Jardine. “Subregular Learning of a Phonology and a Set of Underlying Forms“. Talk Chris Oakden, Adam Jardine, & Jane Chandlee. “Modelling Phonological … Read More

Akinbiyi Akinlabi Gave Invited Talk at Leiden University

    Earlier this month, Prof. Akinbiyi Akinlabi was invited to speak at Leiden University in The Netherlands!   His talk, titled “The Phonology and Syntax of Tone Spreading in Dan“, was given on Nov. 5th and based on a paper that he co-authored with Gildas Gondo, Tadjou-N’Dine Mamadou, and Hazel Mitchley.      

Meg Gotowski and Kristen Syrett at BUCLD!

  This past weekend, Meg Gotowski and Kristen Syrett gave a talk at the 44th Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD)!   Their talk was titled, “Investigating the Hypothesis Space of Children’s Interpretation of Comparatives“. You can find their abstract here, under “abstract(s) for presentation(s) above” toward the end of the Friday section.   … Read More

Chris Oakden Representing Rutgers at NELS!

4th year graduate student Chris Oaken recently recently represented Rutgers Linguistics at the 50th annual meeting of the North East Linguistic Society [NELS]! He and Jane Chandlee presented a poster together on October 25th, entitled, “A Computational Analysis of Tone Sandhi Ordering Paradoxes“.  

Happy Halloween!

  In the spirit of the season, we thought it would be fun to do a little digging into the history of our department (and a big thank-you to the University Facilities Historian Susan Ryan for all the info)!   The building at 18 Seminary Place was originally the home of Rev. Theodore Sandford Doolittle, … Read More

Livia Souza to Speak at NYU on Nov. 8th

We’re excited to announce that our own Livia Camargo Souza has been invited to give a talk at NYU’s Fieldwork Reading Group! She will be speaking about her experience performing remote fieldwork in Brazil. The talk will be on Friday, November 8th at 3:30pm in Room 104 of 10 Washington Place (the NYU Linguistics department).

Pets of the Department

While we’ve introduced many of the newer members of our department over the last month, there’s a very-important group that has been consistently left out and forgotten… So in this issue of SNARL, we’d like you to meet those who make up a less-recognized but equally important part of our lives: The Pets of the … Read More

Diti Bhadra Receives Tenure-Track Position at UMN!

We’d like to congratulate our alumna, Diti Bhadra, for recently receiving a tenure-track Assistant Professorship in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Minnesota. This semester, Prof. Bhadra is teaching Syntax I and Field Methods I, in addition to co-directing a new Fieldwork lab with Claire Halpert.            

A Belated Congratulations to Dr. Jess Law, Dr. Ümit Atlamaz, and Dr. Yağmur Sağ!

We’re very proud to announce that three of our linguists successfully defended their dissertations this past year!   Dr. Ümit Atlamaz On March 18th, Ümit Atlamaz sccessfully defended his dissertation, “Agreement, Case, and Nominal Licensing”. His committee members included: Mark Baker (chair), Ken Safir, Jose Camacho, and Jonathan Bobaljik.           Dr. … Read More

Hello to Our New Faculty Members!

We’re excited to officially welcome three new faculty members to the department this year! To get to know them a little better, we’ve collected some information about each of them and added it below. Please continue reading for a closer look at the new members of our department!   To our new faculty: Welcome!   … Read More

Lydia Newkirk to give a talk at The University of Manchester

Lydia Newkirk (6th Year) has been invited by the Department of Linguistics and English Language, at The University of Manchester to give a talk on 8th June,2021. The talk is a part of a seminar series called  `LEL summer seminars‘, where Lydia would be discussing her fieldwork on modal strength distinctions.    

Kristen Syrett interviewed by Mic

When language plays a role in compartmentalizing people based on where they are from, it affects how one perceives themselves. Prof. Syrett weighs in on how seemingly harmless ‘compliments’ end up being a kind of fetishizing language for POC. `…while it can be empowering when we identify the traits that make us unique, she adds, the … Read More

Tatevik Yolyan and Adam McCollum at 28th mfm

Tatevik Yolyan (2nd year) and Adam McCollum will be presenting their work `The expressivity of liquid dissimilation in Yidiny‘ at the upcoming 28th Manchester Phonology Meeting (mfm), to be held from 26th May – 28th May 2021. The abstract for the talk can be found here.

Adam McCollum published in Laboratory Phonology

Adam McCollum recently published two papers in the journal Laboratory Phonology.  First, Vowel harmony and positional variation in Kyrgyz , this paper investigates harmony and vowel reduction in Kyrgyz, finding that non-initial vowels are more centralized than their initial-syllable counterparts. Transparency, locality, and contrast in Uyghur backness harmony, this paper examines the distribution of surface [i] and [ɯ] … Read More

Ziling Zhu and Kristen Syrett at DUCOG

Ziling Zhu (2nd year) and Prof. Kristen Syrett presented their work titled “Do Mandarin nouns and classifiers individuate? Experimental evidence from a quantity judgment task” at the 12th Dubrovnik Conference on Cognitive Science (DUCOG) held on May 18th-21st, 2021. Their work examines the mapping between universal ontology and Mandarin morphosyntax, with a specific focus on … Read More

Robert Esposito receives the Henry Rutgers Scholar Award

Robert Esposito, one of our undergraduate seniors has been awarded the Henry Rutgers Scholar Award for his outstanding performance on his senior year research project. Prof. Mariapaola D’Imperio was his main faculty advisor. Robert’s honors thesis is the first work on the variety of Spanish spoken in El Salvador offering a comprehensive view of the intonational phonology … Read More

Sreekar Raghotham and Troy Messick at CLS -57

Troy Messick and Sreekar Raghotham (3rd year) presented their joint work at CLS – 57 held from May 7th – 9th 2021. Their talk titled `Morphosyntax values itself ‘ discussed Telugu data, focusing on the relation between an anaphor and its antecedent. The abstract for this talk can be found here. Sreekar also presented his work in … Read More

Hazel Mitchley at Manchester Forum in Linguistics.

Hazel Mitchley (6th year) presented her work titled `A new way of introducing the external argument, and its implications for bundling‘  in the Manchester Forum in Linguistics (MFiL) held on April 28-29th, 2021. Here’s a short abstract of the talk :  I argue for the bifurcation of VoiceP into two distinct projections: one which semantically introduces … Read More