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Tajudeen Mamadou and Mariapaola D’Imperio gave an invited talk at Ghent University

Tajudeen Mamadou and Mariapaola D’Imperio recently gave an invited talk at Ghent University(Belgium) on October 26, 2021, where they talk about a study on intonation in Ede Chaabe. Please find the title and abstract of the talk, below. Title : ‘Intonation as Key for a More Comprehensive Sub-tonal Feature System‘  Abstract: In studies on African lexical … Read More

Dorothy Ahn published in Language Learning and Development

Dorothy Ahn (with Jesse Snedeker) recently published in the journal Language Learning and Development. Please continue reading for the the title and abstract of the paper. Early Acquisition of Plural Morphology in a Classifier Language: Data from Korean 2-4 Year Olds Korean is a classifier language in which bare nouns are not obligatorily number-marked. Children learning other … Read More

Adam Jardine published in Language

Adam Jardine (with Jane Chandlee) recently published an article in Language (Vol. 97 No. 3), titled Computational universals in linguistic theory: Using recursive programs for phonological analysis. This paper outlines a formalism for phonological analysis that aims to capture both the computational and substantive nature of phonological generalizations. Please find the complete article here. Congratulations … Read More

Huteng Dai, Nate Koser and Adam McCollum at AMP 2021

Rutgers was well represented at this year’s Annual Meeting on Phonology 2021 held from October 1- 3. Three of our phonologists presented their work at the conference. Please continue reading to know more about the work they presented! Huteng Dai (with Richard Futrell, UC Irvine) presented a talk entitled “Learning phonotactics in a differentiable framework of subregular languages” … Read More

NELS 52 to be held at Rutgers!

Rutgers linguists are all prepped and ready to host 52nd NELS from October 29 – 31, 2021. The complete schedule of the program can be found here. We have a wonderful list of invited speakers who will be joining us to talk about their research. Here’s the schedule for the invited talks and the links to their abstracts. … Read More

Dorothy Ahn gave a plenary talk at SinFonIJA 14

Dorothy Ahn was recently invited to give a plenary talk at this year’s Syntax, Phonology and Language Analysis 14 (SinFonIJA 14). The talk was on Wednesday, September 22, 2021. Title: “Indirectly Direct: An account of demonstratives” Abstract : There has been a long debate on whether demonstratives are directly referential as Kaplan originally argued, or indirectly … Read More

Carly Dickerson joins us as a post-doctoral associate.

We’re excited to introduce everyone to Carly Dickerson, who is joining us as a post-doctoral associate this semester. She will also be associated with the Language and Social Justice Initiative of the Language Engagement Project . We collected some information from her and added it below, please continue reading to know our newest member better.  Welcome … Read More

Yu Cao Passed His Dissertation Defense

Congratulations to Yu Cao who passed his dissertation defense on August 13th! Title : Plurality and quantification in graph representation of meaning. Chair : Simon Charlow Committee : Adam Jardine, Paul Pietroski, Bruce Tesar, Chris Barker Abstract : The study of meaning is inseparable from that of semantic representation, as design efforts in the latter exert far-reaching implications for … Read More