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Lydia Newkirk to give a talk at The University of Manchester

Lydia Newkirk (6th Year) has been invited by the Department of Linguistics and English Language, at The University of Manchester to give a talk on 8th June,2021. The talk is a part of a seminar series called  `LEL summer seminars‘, where Lydia would be discussing her fieldwork on modal strength distinctions.    

Kristen Syrett interviewed by Mic

When language plays a role in compartmentalizing people based on where they are from, it affects how one perceives themselves. Prof. Syrett weighs in on how seemingly harmless ‘compliments’ end up being a kind of fetishizing language for POC. `…while it can be empowering when we identify the traits that make us unique, she adds, the … Read More

Tatevik Yolyan and Adam McCollum at 28th mfm

Tatevik Yolyan (2nd year) and Adam McCollum will be presenting their work `The expressivity of liquid dissimilation in Yidiny‘ at the upcoming 28th Manchester Phonology Meeting (mfm), to be held from 26th May – 28th May 2021. The abstract for the talk can be found here.

Adam McCollum published in Laboratory Phonology

Adam McCollum recently published two papers in the journal Laboratory Phonology.  First, Vowel harmony and positional variation in Kyrgyz , this paper investigates harmony and vowel reduction in Kyrgyz, finding that non-initial vowels are more centralized than their initial-syllable counterparts. Transparency, locality, and contrast in Uyghur backness harmony, this paper examines the distribution of surface [i] and [ɯ] … Read More

Ziling Zhu and Kristen Syrett at DUCOG

Ziling Zhu (2nd year) and Prof. Kristen Syrett presented their work titled “Do Mandarin nouns and classifiers individuate? Experimental evidence from a quantity judgment task” at the 12th Dubrovnik Conference on Cognitive Science (DUCOG) held on May 18th-21st, 2021. Their work examines the mapping between universal ontology and Mandarin morphosyntax, with a specific focus on … Read More

Robert Esposito receives the Henry Rutgers Scholar Award

Robert Esposito, one of our undergraduate seniors has been awarded the Henry Rutgers Scholar Award for his outstanding performance on his senior year research project. Prof. Mariapaola D’Imperio was his main faculty advisor. Robert’s honors thesis is the first work on the variety of Spanish spoken in El Salvador offering a comprehensive view of the intonational phonology … Read More

Sreekar Raghotham and Troy Messick at CLS -57

Troy Messick and Sreekar Raghotham (3rd year) presented their joint work at CLS – 57 held from May 7th – 9th 2021. Their talk titled `Morphosyntax values itself ‘ discussed Telugu data, focusing on the relation between an anaphor and its antecedent. The abstract for this talk can be found here. Sreekar also presented his work in … Read More

Hazel Mitchley at Manchester Forum in Linguistics.

Hazel Mitchley (6th year) presented her work titled `A new way of introducing the external argument, and its implications for bundling‘  in the Manchester Forum in Linguistics (MFiL) held on April 28-29th, 2021. Here’s a short abstract of the talk :  I argue for the bifurcation of VoiceP into two distinct projections: one which semantically introduces … Read More