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Dorothy Ahn (with Heejong Ko) published in Glossa

Dorothy Ahn (with Heejong Ko of Seoul National University) recently published an article in Glossa. Please find all the details below. Congratulations to Dr. Ahn and Dr. Ko! On non conservativity of Korean floating quantifiers Abstract: Since the Conservativity Universal (Barwise & Cooper 1981; Keenan & Stavi 1986) has been proposed for natural language determiners, several apparent counterexamples … Read More

Shiori Ikawa successfully defended her dissertation

We’re delighted to announce that Shiori Ikawa successfully defended her dissertation on February 4th!!! Title: ‘On Agree feeding interpretation: Honorificity, empathy, and switch-reference.’ Co-Chairs: Mark Baker and Troy Messick Committee members: Yimei Xiang and Rafaella Zanutini (External, Yale University)   Abstract: Agree is one of the few core syntactic operations posited in minimalist syntax (Chomsky, 2000, 2001) and … Read More

Jess Law published in Journal of Semantics

Rutgers alumna Jess Law (UCSC) recently published an article titled The Mereological Structure of Distributivity: A Case Study of Binominal Each (abstract below) in the Journal of Semantics. Congratulations to Dr. Law! Abstract : Binominal each is known to exhibit selectional requirements on the noun phrase that immediately precedes it. The goal of this paper is … Read More

Hazel Mitchley at LSA 2022 Annual Meeting

Hazel Mitchley presented her work ‘Transitivization, causative constructions, and the thematic licensing of external arguments‘ at the 96th Annual Meeting of the LSA that took place from Jan. 6–9, 2022. Here’s the short abstract of the talk: “I argue for the bifurcation of VoiceP into two distinct projections: one which thematically licenses the external argument (EA) variable, … Read More

Megan Gotowski, Viviane Déprez published in Glossa

Megan Gotowski (5th Year) recently published an article titled ‘Quoi sluices in French‘ in Glossa (Vol. 7) (abstract below). This is the fourth journal article that Meg has published while here at Rutgers!   Prof. Viviane Déprez in joint work with  J.D. Yeaton (former Rutgers Linguistics undergrad) also published an article in the same journal and … Read More

Kristen Syrett published in Language

Prof. Kristen Syrett (co-authored with Paola Cépeda, Hadas Kotek, Katharina Pabst) published an article titled `Gender bias in linguistics textbooks: Has anything changed since Macaulay & Brice 1997?‘ in Language(Volume 97, Number 4). Abstract : Macaulay and Brice (1997:798) surveyed example sentences in eleven syntax textbooks published from 1969–1994 and found that virtually all of the … Read More

Kristen Syrett receives the FIGS Faculty Mentor Award

Prof. Syrett received the Faculty Mentor Award for her contribution to the FIGS (First-Year Interest Group Seminars). FIGS hosts engaging one-credit courses–taught by a select group of experienced Peer Instructors–that introduce first-year students to dozens of exciting fields and to a wide range of involvement, academic, and professional development opportunities at Rutgers. Many congratulations to … Read More

Kristen Syrett receives SAS Award for Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education

Prof. Syrett recently received the SAS award for her contributions to the Undergraduate education for students in Linguistics and in the language track in Cognitive Science. Prof. Syrett’s contributions are aptly described by the words of a student, “Every day, Professor Syrett encourages her students to think critically and creatively through sparking curiosity and fostering a … Read More

Mariapaola D’Imperio interviewed by The Cut

Prof. D’Imperio was recently interviewed by the New Yorker magazine (for The Cut) about Italian accents in the movie ‘House of Gucci’.  The article touches upon on topics such as what are some distinctive features of Italian accent, to whether a true Italian accent even exists in a singular way. Please check out this fun … Read More

Tajudeen Mamadou and Mariapaola D’Imperio gave an invited talk at Ghent University

Tajudeen Mamadou and Mariapaola D’Imperio recently gave an invited talk at Ghent University(Belgium) on October 26, 2021, where they talk about a study on intonation in Ede Chaabe. Please find the title and abstract of the talk, below. Title : ‘Intonation as Key for a More Comprehensive Sub-tonal Feature System‘  Abstract: In studies on African lexical … Read More