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RULing is our annual student-organized and student-run Workshop. It’s our case to showcase our research! Speakers are typically alumni and current or past Linguistics faculty.

Saturday, May 4

9:30 am – 10 am: Breakfast and Welcome Reception

10:00-11:30: Keynote speaker: Matt Barros (Chair: Ken Safir)

Title: “Semantic Identity Under Discussion”

(See the abstract here! Find the full paper here.)

11:30 – 11:45:   Coffee Break

Session-1: Chair: Morgan Moyer

11:45 – 12:15: Nate Koser

Title: Creaky voice in Yoruba

12:15 – 12:45: Huteng Dai

Title: Gradient long-distance laryngeal harmony and gradient symbolic representation

12:45 – 1:45      Lunch

Session-2: Chair: Nate Koser

1:45 – 2:15: Dine Mamadou

Title: Word-level Accent in Zarma

2:15 – 2:45: Wenyua Hua

Title: Syllabification in Yavapai

2:45 – 3:00: Coffee Break

Session-3: Chair: Sreekar Raghotham

3:00 – 3:30: Chen Zhou

Title: Verbal Nouns and Case Assignment in the Light Verb Constructions in Japanese and Korean

3:30 – 4:00: Livia Souza

Title: Triple negation in Brazilian Portuguese

4:00 – 4:15: Coffee Break

Session-4: Chair: Ang Li

4:15 – 4:45: Sreekar Raghotham

Title: φ-feature covariance in Telugu nonverbal predicates

4:45 – 5:15: Augustina Owusu

Title: Bare Nouns in Akan revisited

5:30 – 8:00: Reception and Dinner

Invited Speaker:
Peter Staroverov “Input restrictions in Tundra Nenets”

Student Officers:
Vera Gor, Yagmur Sag

Hazel Mitchley “Causative constructions in Kinande”
Eileen Blum “Allophony-driven stress in Munster Irish”
Nathan Koser “A Constraint definition language and consequences for alignment”
Dine Mamadou”f0-Vowel Duration Correlation is not Universally Negative”
Yi-hsun Chen “Decomposing superlative modifiers: why and how (also morphology)”
Ang Li “Quantified exhaustiveness in embedded questions”
Deepak Alok “Semantics and pragmatics of the Magahi nominal particle –waa”
Augustina Owusu “Clausal determiners in Akan”
Yu Cao “On causal and instrumental how”
Morgan Moyer “How robust are Mention-Some readings of embedded questions”

Invited Speaker:
Will Bennett “Different grammars for different speakers: a case study from Xhosa labial palatalization”

Student Officers:
Morgan Moyer, Livia Souza

Chris Oakden “Checked tone merger in Nanjing Mandarin: An acoustic analysis”
Morgan Moyer “Output-driven learnability, restrictiveness and phonotactic generalization”
Eileen Blum “Stressed velar fricatives in Munster Irish: An acoustic analysis”
Yi-Hsun Chen “On the syntactic distribution of speaker concession – a semantic-pragmatic account”
Yagmur Sag “The semantics of numeral constructions in Turkish”
Deepak Alok “Semantics of bare nominals, classifiers, and number marking in Magahi”
Ang Li”Mandarin verbal classifiers and the plurality of events”
Jess Law ” The anti-cumulativity inference of some distributivity items”
Beibei Xu “Belief update in Kratzerian modality theory”
Umit Atlamaz “Hierarchical case assignment in Kashmiri”

Invited Speaker:
Daniel Altshuler “Present tenses and their relation to the past”

Student Officers:
Augustina Owusu, Jess Law, Sarah Hansen, and Vera Gor

Deepak Alok “The syntax of a split: The case of Hindi and Magahi”
Nick Winter “And and And: The syntax of multiple coordinate complexes”
Ang Li “Movement in Mandarin bei-passives”
Yagmur Sag “The semantics of number in Turkish”
Eileen Blum “Stress in Munster Irish”
Livia Camargo “The syntax of (Panoan) switch-reference”
Yi-Hsun Chen “Lifetime effect and its mirror image: a neo-Gricean perspective”
Mingming Liu “Mandarin conditional conjunctions and only”

Invited Speaker:
Paul Smolensky “Gradient symbolic grammar”

Followed by special address by Alan Prince

Student Officers:
Luca Iacoponi, Jess Law, Augustina Owusu

Kunio Kinjo “The anti-agreement effect and phrasal probe”
Augustina Owusu “Modal concord or something else? ”
Akinbiyi Akinlabi (faculty) “Category change in segmental alternation: High vowels and syllabic nasals”
Yagmur Sag “Light verb constructions in Turkish”
Jess Law “Free choice, exhaustivity, and cumulativity”
Paul de Lacy (faculty) “Automating acoustic evidence for stress”
Vandana Bajaj “Intensification in an exclusive and scalar particle”
Liva Souza “Switch-reference agreement as independent evidence for tripartite case system in Panoan languages”
Bruce Tesar (faculty) “Contrast in the Time of ODP”
Morgan Moyer “2-year-olds can track discourse roles through pronominal reference”
Vartan Hagverdi “Armenian schwa: a phonetic and phonological analysis”
Alan Prince “Follow the logic”

Invited Speaker:
Yael Sharvit “The Only Boy is Uniquest”

Student Officers:
Vera Gor and Satarupa Das

Nick Danis “Complex Stops and Place Faithfulness”
Shu-hao Shih “Palatalization in Hong Kong Cantonese”
Hope McManus “Some Formal Properties of Subtractive Morphology”
Ümit Atlamaz “Functional projections and movement in DP: What ezafe teaches us”
Kunio Kinjo “Okinawan Interrogatives and focus constructions”
Matthew Barros “Specificational Subjects and Constraints on Pivots”
Yağmur Sağ “Person Agreement in Denizli Dialect of Turkish”
Diti Bhadra “What is it you ask?: Cleft questions in Manipuri”
Vandana Bajaj “Hindi -hii and Speaker Expectations”
Beibei Xu “An experimental study on nandao-Questions in Mandarin”
Vera Gor “English Comparatives: Children See More Than Adults “

Invited Speaker:
Naz Merchant “A Comparison of Syllabification Theories in Harmonic Serialism and Optimality Theory”

Student Officers:
Vandana Bajaj and Atsushi Oho

Vera Gor “Case-Assignment on Semi-Predicatives in Russian Infinitival Clauses”
Nick Danis “Implicit Arguments in Verb-Particle Constructions”
Luca Iacoponi “Ephemeral Incomplete Neutralization: An alternative approach to microphonetic differences in Cantonese tone change”
Sarah Hansen “Tone Implementation in Dzongkha”
Diti Bhadra “About ‘naki'”
Vĕra Dvořák “When silent ‘something’ and silent ‘someone’ behave like mass nouns”

Invited Speaker:
Daphna Heller “Common Ground and the Probabilistic Nature of Referential Domains”

Student Officers:
Vandana Bajaj and Nagarajan Selvanathan

Jeremy Perkins “Perception of Consonnt-Tone Interactions in Thai”
Aaron Braver and Shigeto Kawahara “Incomplete Neutralization in Japanese Monomoraic Lengthening”
Sara J O’Neill “On the consequences of removing maximal foot size restrictions from GEN in an exhaustively footed factorial typology of QI stress”
Matt Barros “Marooned in Silence: Arguments against Island Repair under Ellipsis”
Atushi Oho “Scrambling and dependency in multiple wh-questions”
Beibei Xu “A possible uniform account of neutral, biased and rhetorical polar questions: a case analysis of German and Mandarin”

Invited Speaker:
Eric Baković (2000 Alumnus) “Breaking down rule interactions”

Student Officers:
Věra Dvořák and Matthew Barros

Asya Achimova “Naive speakers vs. professional linguists – same or different?”
Crystal Akers “Learning paradigmatic equals: resolving global lexical ambiguity”
Vandana Bajaj “The role of narrative structure and the QUD in scopal ambiguity resolution”
Julio Barbosa “A unifying account for English compounds”
Matthew Barros “Something else on exceptive constructions”
Aaron Braver “Perception of /t/ and /d/ flaps in American English: Some early results”
Paula Houghton “Switch languages”
Todor Koev “Watch your appositive! On the pragmatic differences between clause-medial and clause-final appositive RCs”
Sara O’Neill “Postverbal adverbs in English”
Jeremy Perkins “Consonant-tone interaction in Thai: A perception experiment”
Peter Staroverov “Realization of Russian word-final consonant clusters”
Teresa Torres “The role of past tense in mirativity”
Billy Xu “Comparatives in English”
Masahiro Yamada “Plural predication with ‘with'”

Invited Speakers:
Oluseye Adesola “Tense and Negation in Yoruba”
Yael Sharvit “De Re Pronouns and Unexpected BT Effects”

Student Officers:
James Bruno and Carlo Linares

Asya Achimova “Revisiting Wh/Quantifier Interaction: What Experimentation Can Tell Us About Grammar”
Crystal Akers “Learning Multiple Hidden Structures”
William Grover Bennett “On Ejectives in Amharic”
Aaron Braver “Incomplete Neutralization in American English Flapping
Teresa Torres-Bustamante “Mirativity in Spanish”
Ryan Denzer-King “The Subobviative in Blackfoot”
Věra Dvořák “A Secondary Imperfectization Puzzle”
Carlos Fasola “The Syntax and Semantics of Comparative Correlatives
Paula Houghton “Alignment
Todor Koev “On Event-Level Evidentiality”
Jeremy Perkins “Nuclear Stress in English”

Invited Speaker:
Roger Schwarzschild “The Mass-Count Distinction”

Student Officers:
Crystal Akers and Paula Houghton

Matthew Barros “Co-Construal & Identity in Ellipsis”
Aaron Braver “DP-Internal Ellipsis in Spanish”
James Bruno “Absolute Constructions: Telicity, DP-licensing, and Micro-Variation”
Věra Dvořák “On Ditransitives in Czech
Heeshin Koak “Structural Case Assignment in Double Nominative Constructions”
Sarah Murray “Evidentials and Questions in Cheyenne”
Michael O’Keefe “Central Alaskan Yup’ik Stress
Jeremy Perkins Phonetic Effects of Glottalization in Onset-Tone Interaction in Thai”

Invited Speaker:
Ken Safir “Transitivity and Reflexivity: A Bantu Perspective”

Student Officers:
Aaron Braver, Paula Houghton, Carlo Linares, Michael O’Keefe, and Jeremy Perkins

Will Bennett “Clicks and Complex Stops Are Very, Very Different”
Aaron Braver “Phonetic Opacity: Flapping and Vowel Length in American English”
Patrick Houghton “On the Distribution of Clausal Gerunds) Mike O’Keefe (Argument Composition”
Sarah Murray “Evidentials and Propositional Content”
Jeremy Perkins “Canadian Diphthong Raising”
Will Starr “The Interrogative Theory of Iffiness”

Invited Speaker:
Jane Grimshaw

Student Officers:
John Manna, Paula Houghton, Seunghun J. Lee, and Sarah Murray

Daniel Altshuler “Is Osage a Stress-Driven-Tone or a Tone-Driven-Stress Language?”
Will Bennett “Clicks: a conundrum”
Carlos Fasola “A Unified Evidential Semantics for the Quechua Yes/No Question and Negation marker –chu”
Michael Johnson “The Punctuation Theory of Quotation”
Xiao Li “Chinese Verbal Comparatives Degreeless”
John Manna “Default Reasoning and Argument Resolution”
Sarah Murray “Reflexivity, Reciprocity, and Underspecification”
Nadya Vinokurova “Capturing the Possessor”

Invited Speakers:
Maria Bittner “Referents for Natural Language Quantifiers”
Alan Prince “The Pursuit of Theory”

Student Officers:
John Manna, Daniel Altshuler, Michael O’Keefe, Sarah Murray, Xiao Li, Naz Merchant, Slavica Kochovska, Seunghun J. Lee, and Jessica Rett

Daniel Altshuler “Embedded tenses in Russian: A parametric extension of Abusch and Filling the Gap: QI Iambs and the Typology of Feet”
Heeshin Koak “Allomorph Selection in Korean Nominal Suffixes”
Slavica Kochovska “Intervention Effects in Macedonian Wh- Questions”
Hyunjoo Kim “A-Bar Intervention Effects in why-questions [presented by Seunghun Lee]”
Xiao Li “On Comparative Quantification in the Verbal Domain: Japanese –sugi Constructions Revisited”
John G. Manna “Centering and Anaphora in Japanese”
Vita Markman “Subject case, Object case: Accusativity, Ergativity, and Agreement”
Nazzarre Merchant “Using local lexica to learn ranking information and underlying feature values”
Sarah E. Murray “Selective Faithfulness Theory and Voicing Assimilation”
Michael O’Keefe “Non-local assimilation via Heads, Edges, Association, and Domains”
Jessica Rett “What –exclamatives”