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Rutgers at ACAL 54

Rutgers Linguistics was well represented by both current and alumnus members at this year’s Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL 54) held at University of Connecticut from June 12-14, 2023:
Prof. Ken Safir gave a talk titled A derivational approach to c-command anomalies for local anaphora in Bantu nominalizations [Abstract]
Sreekar Raghotham and Troy Messick gave a talk titled On the (non)universality of anaphoric structure [Abstract] 
Maria Kouneli gave a talked titled External possession in Kipsigis [Abstract]
Jason Kandybowicz (Rutgers undergrad alumnus 2000) gave a plenary talk titled Escaping African Islands  
Ben Yamsuan (Rutgers undergrad alumnx 2022), Aline Cunia, Christopher Green gave a talk titled Grammatical tone in Dholua possessives [Abstract]


(Left to Right) Sreekar, Ken, Troy and Maria and ACAL 54