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Rutgers at SICOGG 25 and ICTEAP-4

Members of the Rutgers linguistics community presented their work at the 25th Seoul International Conference on Generative Grammar (SICOGG 25) and the 4th International Conference on Theoretical East Asian Psycholinguistics (ICTEAP-4), both held at Dongguk University from Aug. 14 to 16.

Dorothy Ahn presents her invited talk at SICOGG25.

Prof. Dorothy Ahn was an invited speaker at SICOGG 25, presenting her work, “Deriving definiteness in determiner-less languages”.

Grad student Ariela Ye presentes her work at SICOGG 25.

First year graduate student Ariela Ye presented her work “A Say Verb or Complementize: Analyzing Postverbal ‘shuo’ and Sentence-initial ‘shuo’ in Mandarin.”

Graduate student Akane Ohtaka presents her work at SICOGG 25.

Sixth year graduate student Akane Ohtaka, who was recently hired at Yamagata University, presented her work “Quantity-Denoting Numeral Classifier Phrases in Japanese.”

Also, alumna Shiori Ikawa, now a lecturer at Fuji Women’s University, presented “Copular Short Answers and Speech-Act Phrase in Japanese”. The work was a collaboration with Masako Maeda of Kyushu University, Akitaka Yamada of Osaka University, and Yoichi Miyamoto of Osaka University.

At ICTEAP-4, Prof. Dorothy Ahn and fourth year graduate student Ziling Zhu gave a talk, “Status of Mandarin demonstrative na: evidence from bridging”.

Prof. Dorothy Ahn and graduate student Chaoyi Chen present a poster at ICTEAP-4.

Prof. Dorothy Ahn and fifth year graduate student Chaoyi Chen presented a poster on their work “The antecedent preferences for Mandarin reflexive ziji and ta-ziji“.

From left to right: Chaoyi Chen, Ziling Zhu, Prof. Dorothy Ahn, Ariela Ye, Shiori Ikawa, and Akane Ohtaka.