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Rutgers Linguistics at AMP 2022

Rutgers Linguistics was well represented at the 2022 Annual Meeting of Phonology (AMP 2022), held from October 21 to 23 at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Boolean Monadic Recursive Schemes for Phonological Analysis, the work of Prof. Jane Chandlee of Haverford College and Rutgers Professors Adam Jardine and Adam McCollum, together with fourth year grad student Tatevik Yolyan, started the conference off on Oct. 21 at the workshop for approaches to computational phonology. Find their proposal here: (proposal).

Also on Oct. 21, Second-year grad student Marjorie Leduc and Prof. Adam McCollum presented their work, “Use it or lose it harmony in Komo”. Find their abstract here: (abstract).

Huteng Dai presenting at AMP 2022
Huteng Dai presenting at AMP 2022. Photo courtesy Egressy János.

On Oct. 22, Fifth-year grad student Huteng Dai gave a talk, “Phonotactic learning in the presence of exceptions with a categorical approach.” Find his abstract here: (abstract).

Rutgers alum Prof. Eric Baković, chair of the Linguistics department at the University of California, San Diego, not only chaired one of the presentation sessions but also showcased some of his own work. On Oct. 21, he presented “Faithfulness and underspecification,” (abstract), his work with fellow Rutgers alum, Wm. G. Bennett of Rhodes University. He also presented “SAGUARO: a workbench for phonological theories” (abstract) with Eric Meinhardt of UC San Diego.

The program for AMP 2022 can be found here: (program).