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Rutgers linguists at NELS 53 in Göttingen

Rutgers was well represented at NELS 53 at the University of Göttingen, which was held from 12 to 14 January.

Fourth-year grad student Ziling Zhu presented her work, co-authored by Prof. Yimei Xiang: “Why surprise doesn’t embed whether?: question-to-cleft reduction”. Find their abstract here; more details can be found on Ziling’s website here.

Ziling Zhu presenting at NELS 53
Ziling Zhu presenting at NELS 53

Shannon Bryant, a post-doc with the Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science, presented a poster of her work with both Iva Kovač & Susi Wurmbrand of the University of Vienna. Their paper was “Forward, Backward, Crossed: Voice Restructuring and Its Semantics”. View their poster here.

Rutgers alumna Prof. Diti Bhadra of the University of Minnesota also presented a poster of her work. The paper, “Obligation, prohibition, non-finite complementation,” is a collaboration with Arka Banerjee of Jadavpur University. Find their poster here.

Yağmur Sağ, another Rutgers alumna and currently a College Fellow at Harvard, presented her work with Prof. Ömer Demirok of Boğaziçi University called “Getting even without ‘even’ in Turkish”. See their presentation slides here on Yağmur’s website.

Yet another Rutgers alumna, Shiori Ikawa, currently a lecturer at Fuji Women’s University, presented her work “Simplex and Complex Anaphors Revisited”. Find her abstract here.