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Rutgers phonologists present their work at WMTRP

Prof. Adam Jardine, recent alum Eileen Blum, and grad student Huteng Dai are presenting at the Workshop on Model Theoretic Representations in Phonology (WMTRP) later this month at Stony Brook University.

On Sept. 23, Prof. Jardine joins his collaborators Prof. Siddharth Bhaskar of James Madison University and Prof. Jane Chandlee of Haverford College to present their work, “Boolean monadic recursive schemes and the rational and subsequential functions.”

Eileen Blum will also be presenting that morning, giving a talk on her dissertation work, “The computational effects of multi-tiered ARs on vowel harmony.”

Huteng Dai will give a talk later that day, presenting his work, “Learning phonological constraints in the presence of exceptions.”

On Sept. 24, Prof. Jardine features as part of a panel discussion on the workshop’s main topics. The discussion will also feature Rutgers alum Prof. Eric Baković (UCSD), as well as Prof. Karthik Durvasula (MSU), and Prof. Kristine Yu (UMass).

The workshop, which will be held both in-person and virtually, “brings together researchers studying phonological representations from a computational perspective and the role they play in describing, understanding, and the learning of, phonological processes.”

The program for WMTRP can be found here.