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Whether you are waiting for a liver transplant or recently received one, you need to feel confident that you won’t also be facing unwanted and potentially dangerous infections. The Transplant Clinic within the Rutgers Infectious Disease Practice provides comprehensive care for the evaluation and the management of infectious diseases among pre-transplant and post-transplant liver patients. We are staffed with experienced physicians and we work in close collaboration with the Liver transplant team to provide the highest level of care to ensure the best possible outcomes for post-transplant patients.


We provide expert services in:

  1. Pre-transplant risk assessment and evaluation
  2. Pre-transplant infection diagnosis and management in a multi-disciplinary approach
  3. Patient education and counseling for pre and post-transplantation patients
  4. Pre-transplant and Post-transplant Vaccinations
  5. Post-transplant infectious disease management
  6. Travel advice for post-transplant patients


Additional services provided by the program include:

  1. Clinical guidelines and constant review of infectious disease transplant guidelines to ensure the standard of care for management and treatment is continuously met
  2. Educational support to the residents, fellows and staff at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and IDP clinic