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Dr. Ahmed speaking in the Precision Medicine Forum, New Jersey, USA. 8-9 September, 2022.

Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed is participating in the Precision Medicine Forum, New Jersey, USA, 8-9 September 2022.

Precision Medicine Forum is delighted to bring you the latest event from its stable of senior led global conferences focusing on Precision Medicine, AI and Epigenetics. Precision Oncology Forum is a natural addition to a group of conferences that have been successfully educating audiences across Europe of the latest advancements in technologies, regulatory frameworks, payor models and their collective impact on clinical care. Precision Oncology Forum will be taking place in the Garden State this October. Known as the ‘ Medicine Chest of the World’ New Jersey is perfectly positioned to support the rapid growth and long term success of a burgeoning precision medicine ecosystem.

Dr. Ahmed is one of the panelist in the session #9, “Being Precise about Precision Medicine”, which includes but not limited to:

  • A definition of precision medicine to ensure we are meeting reimbursement measures.
  • Building consensus among the stakeholders for robust procedures and measures of value aspects.
  • Defining the core factors that should be considered in a value assessment framework for precision medicine.
  • Recognizing the potential range of value-generation such as ruling-in and ruling-out decisions.

Agenda details are available at following URL.

We hope that you will join this event, and looking forward to meeting you at the Precision Medicine Forum, New Jersey, USA, 8-9 September 2022.