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Daphne Munroe

Associate Professor, Rutgers University

Dr. Munroe’s research focuses on shellfish larval ecology and she has studied settlement and recruitment dynamics at shellfish farms, large-scale physical and biological drivers of population dynamics, and mechanisms underlying

Andrew Scheld

Associate Professor, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Andrew Scheld uses economic theory and quantitative modeling approaches to study questions related to human use and management in fisheries and aquaculture. He is interested in changing human uses, impacts,

Eileen Hofmann

Professor of Oceanography, Old Dominion University

Dr. Hofmann is recognized for her work on coupled physical-biological models. Her research interests are in the areas of physical-biological interactions in marine ecosystems, environmental control and transmission of marine

John Klinck

Professor of Oceanography, Old Dominion University

Dr. Klinck studies physical and biological processes in the ocean, on continental shelves and in estuaries. These efforts include analysis of observations of various kinds and construction of numerical models

Eric Powell

Professor, University of Southern Mississippi

Eric Powell serves as the Director of the NSF Science Center for Marine Fisheries (SCeMFiS – Eric Powell has studied oceanography and marine biology for over 44 years. During

David Rudders

Assistant Research Professor, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Dave Rudders is an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Fisheries Science at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, where he also serves as the Associate Director of the

Sarah Borsetti

Postdoctoral Researcher, Rutgers University

Sarah Borsetti’s research focuses on understanding the interactions among population dynamics and the environment of fished stocks. Dr. Borsetti studies these interactions mainly in marine shellfish within the Delaware Bay

Stephanie Stromp

Graduate Student, University of Southern Mississippi

Stephanie Stromp is a first year Master’s student at the University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Research Lab working under advisor Dr. Eric Powell. She previously received bachelor’s degrees in

Mauricio González Díaz

Graduate Student, Old Dominion University

Molly Spencer

Molly is a graduate student at the University of Southern Mississippi conducting research in the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory with advisor Dr. Eric Powell. She received her bachelor’s degree in