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Welcome to WHR Vol. 2, featuring poetry, fiction, nonfiction, playwriting, videos & podcasts by Rutgers University Writers House students.



Mackenzie Kean /   Virtual Class #219, March 2021, 2:50 p.m. – 4:10 p.m 


Elaine Kim / In the Year of the Ox


Cori Camp /  Two Poems


Crystal Joseph /  Four Poems


Carson Cummins /  Dara


Tasnova Choudhury /  Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Mirror


Courtnie BeckfordYear 2020


Krithika Patrachari / Numb


Madison Roveda / Bye Bye, Birdie


Juliana Guerino /  Stars


Elena Kovatcheva /  Two Poems


Sheethal Ayalasomayajula / second-generation


Kathleen Schnell / Brainwashed


Srilikhi Nekkanti /  Relativity


Shannon Heylin / Wine Night


Emma Chace /  13 Ways of Looking at the Stars


Christian Pittari /  Peace of Mind


Jarrielle Cabalfin / Moonochrome


Arol Jan A. Millado / Parallel


Zaynab Khan /  Curiosity Killed the Cat


Ichung Tan / Chopsticks and Dumplings


Anaiah James / Black is Black


Daniil V Prikhno / Another Ars Poetica


Nathaniel Johnston /  Satisfaction


Acelina Kiyas / Headscarf 


Emma Scott / Grief


Kendal Taylor / At The Bottom of the Whiskey Bottle


Christina Evans /  sanguine supernova


Natasha Lopez / Autoapparitions


Rachna Vemireddy / Barbie


Ally Olson / Portrait of 1986


Laura Lassen / At the Ball 


Brandon Lupetti / ACloudIsAGoodbye


Lanai McAuley / Aren’t I casket pretty?


Francesca Tangreti / Two Poems


Kyra J. Glover /  Three Poems


Ayana Tapper /  If I Could Write This with Fire


Serena King / Anxiety


Joe Amster / Grandma


Wahhaj Khokhar / An Anti-Ode to Unnecessary Flies of Winter


Sonal Shah / The Dancers


Uchenna Agbu / Rivers In The Sky


Raj Mitaliya / Breath of the Wild


Samantha Artuso / Two Poems



Brandon Kubinak / The Suicide of a Suicide Note  
Amisha Mukhopadhyay / The Last Straw


Lanai McAuley / The Smoke Seen From Yankee Stadium
L Dudas /  Timaeus and the White Oak
Serina / 18 Silas Road


Elijah Rappaport / The Illusion Of Depth Is A God Almighty Bitch
Emma McMillan /  The Sphinx
Anna Santy / Charlie Boy 


Amy Entin / The Man in the Chair


Krithika Patrachari / Jeans
Elliot Kraft /  The Forest


Kaviyasri Rajan / Dunes


Joe Amster / Text from a Friend


Hannah Orr / The Crop Thief


Sheethal Ayalasomayajula / Edna


Julia Hansen / The Letter


Angelica Petersen / Fireworks


Alex Stone / Asleep


Arthur Silva / Clouded



Kathryn Conover /  Gently, Down the Stream


Gabriela Chiu / Wet-Tiled Memories


Brooke Ramos / Colin


Lauren Kim / I Love You, Too


Morgan Sanders / The Lion Blanket


Brendan Molloy / Floating at the Bottom


Lauren Bromberg / Thirteen Ways to Feel About a Stranger Named Bob Hacking My Debit Card and Spending $300


Anastasia Zenkevich / Familial Illusions


Christine (Teeny) Chirichillo / Object Permanence


Uchenna Agbu / God, and Other Things That Don’t Exist


Anshruta Chidananda / Dear America, 


Tasnova Choudhury / All the Hijab Styles I’ve Worn


Samantha DeMartino / Fine Dining



Robin Gwak / Solatium


Grace Sheppard / All is Fair


Oishika Ray / Cry To Me


Films and Podcasts:

Isabella Rodriguez / Not In Love


Brett Byll / Shrektospective


Arianna Grewal / A Cross Burning in Hardwick, NJ


Aaron Young / The Keyframes


Hilary Mateo / Glitch


Murphy Collins / The Unsolved Puzzle


Tori Greiner / Of The Guarded Mind


Frank Henderson / A Nerd’s Life


Aniza Jahangir / Oh, For the Love of God


Amanda Zimmerman / Confessions of a Ouija Board Kid


Isaac Mercado / Mission Driven


Ayah Elkashif & Sarah Behrouzian / Please Stand Behind The Line