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The mission of the Annual Innovations in Dermatological Sciences conference is to advance innovation in topical products for skin. Researchers, clinicians, commercial professionals, and other stakeholders from academic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, and service organizations gather annually to learn, exchange ideas, collaborate, and partner in areas where the science and business of skin pharmaceutics intersect.

Conference topics include:

  • Novel compounds for pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetic formulations
  • Delivery of actives from topically applied formulations to skin, hair follicles, and nails
  • Solutions to challenges in skin delivery: formulation strategies and novel carriers for actives
  • In vitro active release testing (IVRT), in vitro active permeability testing (IVPT), and in vivo testing
  • Skin biology in health and disease (specific topics can vary in different years)
  • Natural cosmetic and personal care actives for skin formulations
  • Novel formulation excipients
  • Reformulation of existing products
  • Regulatory aspects of skin products