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2021 Conference Speakers:


Thank you to all of our speakers.  If you would like to learn more about our speakers, please click the “Introducing” button next to their names.


PLENARY SPEAKER DAY 1:  Dr. Zoe Diana Draelos; President, Dermatology Consulting Services PLLC.  Introducing Dr. Zoe Diana Draelos

PLENARY SPEAKER DAY 2:  Dr. Peter Elias; San Francisco VA Health Care System Dr. Peter Elias Abstract  Dr. Peter Elias CV

KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Dr. Giuseppe Valacchi; North Carolina State University Introducing Dr. Guiseppe Valacchi


Day 1 – September 28th

Dr. Michael Zwick, Senior Vice President for Research;  Rutgers University  Introducing Dr. Michael Zwick
Dean Joseph Barone, Rutgers University, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy  Introducing Dean Joseph Barone
Dr. Vijendra Nalamothu, Tergus Pharma  Introducing Dr. Vijendra Nalamothu
Dr. Greg Hillebrand, Amway  Introducing Dr. Greg Hillebrand
Dr. Eduardo Perez, Signum Biosciences, Inc.  Introducing Dr. Eduardo Perez
Dr. Kaushik Chakravarty, VeriSIM Life, Inc.  Introducing Dr. Kaushik Chakravarty
Dr. Jim Simon; Rutgers University  Introducing Dr. Jim Simon
Dr. Kavita Beri, BE Mind Body Skin  Introducing Dr. Kavita Beri
Dr. Kristen Labazzo, Rutgers University  Introducing Dr. Kristen Labazzo
Day 1 Moderator:  Dr. Miri Seiberg  Introducing Dr. Miri Seiberg


Day 2 – September 29

Dr. Philip Wertz, University of Iowa  Introducing Dr. Philip Wertz
Dr. David Moore; Tioga Research Inc  Introducing Dr. David Moore
Dr. Geert Cauwenbergh, Legacy Health Care Introducing Dr. Geert Cauwenbergh
Dr. Ian Myles, National Institute of Health (NIH)  Introducing Dr. Ian Myles
Dr. Suzie Chen, Rutgers University – Introduction for Dr. Mayumi Ito, Introducing Dr. Suzie Chen
Dr. Mayumi Ito, NYU Langone Health  Introducing Dr. Mayumi Ito
Dr. Sam Raney; United States Food and Drug Administration Introducing Dr. Sam Raney
Dr. Markham Luke; United States Food and Drug Administration  Introducing Dr. Markham Luke
Dr. Tannaz Ramezanli; United States Food and Drug Administration  Introducing Dr. Tannaz Ramezanli
Dr. Priyanka Ghosh, United States Food and Drug Administration Introducing Dr. Priyanka Ghosh

Day 2 Moderator:  Dr. David Moore  Introducing Dr. David Moore