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Center for Dermal Research Remote Seminars 2021


Monday, December 6th at 5:30pm our speaker will be Dr. David Moore from Tioga Research, his topic will be “Biophysical Methods to Characterize Deposition and Delivery from Topical Wash-Off Formulations”.    Click here for seminar flyer

To join the seminar:  Click here to join seminar

Upcoming 2022 Seminars: 


January 31 at 5:30pm    Dr. Gabriella Baki;  The University of Toledo, Director of Cosmetic Science and Formulation Design Major

Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  More details to follow shortly.

February 7 at 5:30pm    Dr. Mandip Sachdeva; Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences;

Professor and Section Leader, Pharmaceutics;  Editor in Chief, CRC Critical Reviews in Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems.  More details to follow shortly.

March 7 at 5:30pm  Dr. Robert Falcone; Prestige Consumer Healthcare, Sr. Manager – Regulatory Affairs  More details to follow shortly.

April 18 at 5:30pm  Dr. Benjamin Goodyear; BASF Pharma, Global Technical Marketing Manager, Topicals Platform   More details to follow shortly.

May 16 at 5:30pm  Dr. Kavita Beri;  BE Mind Body Skin, Integrative Medical Spa; Center  for Vibrational Cosmetics Medical Director More details to follow shortly.

June 13 at 5:30pm  Dr. Sharareh Senemar;  Long Island University, Pharmacokinetics Laboratory.  More details to follow shortly.

September 19 at 5:30pm  Dr. Jasmine Musakhanian; Gattefosse, Scientific & Marketing Director, Pharmaceutical Division

November 7 at 5:30pm Genemarkers Presentation

Please check back frequently as we continue to update our calendar for 2022!



Previous Seminars from 2021:

January 19th:  We hosted a joint BADF/CDR seminar featuring Dr. Laurie Joseph and Dr. Krishnan Tamareselvy  presenting  “What’s in a Name:  2021 Update of the International System of Uniform Cosmetic Ingredient Names” BADF Laurie & Krishnan pdf

January 25th:  Dr. Robert Falcone from Prestige Consumer Health presented “How to leverage real world data for claim substantiation?”  Robert Falcone 1_25 seminar pdf

February 22nd:  Benjamin Goodyear, Global Technical Marketing Manager; BASF Pharma Solutions – Skin Delivery presented “Lipid-Based Excipients for Skin Drug Permeation Using IVPT Studies”  Ben Goodyear Seminar Flyer Feb 22

March 22nd:  Dr. Manpreet Randhawa from Syntheon LTD.  Dr. Randhawa’s topic “From Traditional Knowledge to Efficacy Driven Modern Day CBD”  Dr. Manpreet Randhawa flyer

April 5th  Dr. Inayet Ellis,  Scientific Affairs Director, Gattefosse, presented “Microemulsions to Enhance Percutaneous Absorption in Dermal Delivery”  Inayet Ellis Seminar Flyer

May 10th Dr. Audra Stinchcomb, University of Maryland, presented “Translational Transdermal Delivery From Complex Drug Products”   Dr. Stinchcomb Flyer

June 14th   Dr. Joanna Wu from Colgate Palmolive, presented  “Amino Acid Complex (AAComplex) Benefits in Cosmetic Products ”  Joanna Wu Seminar Flyer 2021

August 2nd CDR seminar featured Dr. Narasimha Murthy; University of Mississippi, School of Pharmacy,  “Noninvasive Approaches of Sampling Analytes and Drugs from The Skin”  Seminar Flyer Aug 2 Murthy

September 13th CDR seminar featured Dr. Mark Chandler from ACT Solutions Corporation.  “Pandering to Polar Actives”  Click here for flyer

October 18th  Dr. Isabel Diaz and Dr. Junhong Mao from Colgate Palmolive presented  “Topical Delivery of Vitamins C & E and Their Skin Benefits”  October 18 Seminar Flyer

November 8th Stephanie Wheeler from Genemarkers presented Evaluating the Efficacy of CBD in Topical Skincare Products”.  Click here for seminar flyer


Previous Seminars from 2020: 

January 27th:   Dr. Tomasz Osmalek presented  “Design and studies on semi-solid systems for topical delivery of anti-inflammatory drugsTomasz seminar pdf

February 24th:  Norman Richardson, BASF presented “Excipients for Human Skin Permeation Enhancement of Topical Drugs”  Richardson Feb 24 pdf

March 9th:  Pascal Yvon from Alban Muller presented “5 Key Considerations in Developing Natural Cosmetics”   pascal yvon seminar flyer pdf

June 29th:  Remote Seminar Series with Dr. Laurie Joseph, Rutgers University presented “Skin and Eye:  Targets for Vesicant Induced Injury”  Laurie Joseph Seminar Flyer

July 27th:  Dr. Jemima Shultz; Quality Control Analyst at DSM Nutritional Products presented “Natural clay minerals and cosmetic applications, In Vitro and Ex Vivo evaluations on topical delivery and cell viability study”. Jemima Shultz flyer pdf

September 21st:  Dr. Samiul Amin, Manhattan College presented:  “Engineering Complex Fluid Formulations for Enhanced Sustainability in Cosmetic and Personal Care Products”   Dr. Samiul Amin Seminar Flyer

October 21st:  Norman Richardson (BASF) presented:  ““Functional pharmaceutical excipients for optimized transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS) design and development”   Norman Richardson Flyer

December 1st:  CDR/BADF joint seminar Dr. Robert Verdicchio presented:   “Nanospace the Next Industrial Revolution”.  BADF Dr. Robert Verdicchio Seminar

December 7;  Dr. Sonia Trehan from Johnson & Johnson presenting “Topical delivery: A pragmatic vision”   Dr. Sonia Trehan Seminar Flyer