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Nubul Albayati

Graduate Students

Nubul Albayati is a Ph.D. student in Pharmaceutical Sciences /Rutgers University. She received her bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy (Baghdad College of Pharmacy, Iraq). She received her master’s M.S in pharmaceutical Science at Rutgers University in 2022 under the guidance of Dr. Muzzio.

She has experience in a variety of pharmaceutical powder characterization including solid surface properties such as (surface energy, BET surface area, Triboelectric charge), Particle size distribution, and powder flow. Besides, she has experience in several instruments such as powder flowability tester (FT4), Inverse gas chromatography (IGC), and Electrostatic charge measurement. Her research interests comprise pharmaceutical formulations, Characterization of solid powder, Dermatological formulation development, and Dermal Drug Delivery systems.