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Postdoctoral Associate

Seepra Rath

Graduate Students

Seepra Rath is a Postdoctoral Associate at the Center for Dermal Research, Rutgers University. Before joining Dr Michniak-Kohn’s lab, she was a MITACS Accelerate Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, where she worked on model-based population pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. She completed her PhD from Rhodes University, South Africa, after obtaining her BPharm and MPharm (Pharmaceutics) degrees from India. Her PhD research involved exploration of economical and less time-consuming alternatives to clinical endpoint studies such as in vitro release testing (IVRT) and tape stripping to demonstrate equivalence between topically applied creams and correlating the in vitro-in vivo results which may justify a biowaiver for such products. As a Postdoctoral Associate at the Biopharmaceutics Research Institute, Rhodes University, she worked on clinical studies involving vasoconstrictor assay to assess bioavailability/bioequivalence of topical corticosteroid products. Her current research focusses on formulation development and characterization of topical semisolid products.