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Vinam Puri

Graduate Students

PH.D. Alumni

Vinam Puri received his PhD in October 2021 under the guidance of Dr. Michniak.  Vinam played an active role in the LDD creating proposals and budgets as well as writing and presenting detailed reports for projects at several milestones and upon completion. While pursuing his PhD, he expanded his horizon by working towards a Certificate in Science & Technology Management from the Professional Science Master’s program. He has also continued learning by means of several workshops and courses such as a MiniMBA in BioPharma Innovation and a Certificate in Pharmaceutical Management to be able to understand the bigger picture of the Pharmaceutical/Life Science Industry.

Vinam’s current research focus is on Transungual Drug Delivery into and through the nail for the fungal diseases associated with it.  Areas of scientific interest and expertise for him are Transdermal and Topical Drug Delivery, Formulation Development, Polymeric Drug Delivery Systems, In Vitro Release and Permeation Testing and Design of Experiments using Quality by Design.