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Rutgers in NLLT

We’re excited to announce that Rutgers Linguistics is very well-represented in the November issue of Natural Language & Linguistic Theory, with articles by the following linguists:   Mark Baker & … Read More

Rutgers at AMP 2020

Rutgers Linguistics had a large showing at the Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP) this year, with two posters and a talk by current graduate students, and a poster by a … Read More

Rutgers at CALL

Rutgers Linguistics was represented by graduate student Tajudeen Mamadou Y., Prof. Akinbiyi Akinlabi, and Gildas Gondo at the 50th Colloquium of African Languages and Linguistics (CALL) on Wednesday, September 2nd, … Read More

Happy Halloween!

To celebrate Halloween this year, we’d like to formally introduce two of the newest members of our department: Ethan Koser and Ian Jardine! Up first is Ethan, born July 28th. … Read More