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Meg Gotowski Invited to Speak at UNC

We’re proud to announce that grad student Meg Gotowski gave an invited talk at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Oct. 30th, titled, “Children’s Interpretations of Comparatives“. The talk centered on her ongoing acquisition research with Prof. Kristen Syrett here at Rutgers Linguistics!

Rutgers in NLLT

We’re excited to announce that Rutgers Linguistics is very well-represented in the November issue of Natural Language & Linguistic Theory, with articles by the following linguists:   Mark Baker & Livia Camargo Souza: Agree without Agreement: Switch-reference and reflexive voice in two Panoan languages Rajesh Bhatt & Veneeta Dayal (who is technically now at Yale, … Read More

Augustina Owusu Passed Her Dissertation Defense

Congratulations to Augustina Owusu, who passed her dissertation defense on Friday, Nov. 20th!! Title:  “Cross-Categorial Definiteness/Familiarity” Chair: Simon Charlow Committee: Viviane Deprez, Veneeta Dayal (Yale), Malte Zimmermann (External, Potsdam University) Abstract: This dissertation examines the semantics of the definite determiner nó in Akan. The Akan definite determiner occurs in the DPs as usual and occurs outside the nominal … Read More

Prof. D’Imperio Published in “The Oxford Handbook of Language Prosody” and “Lab Phonology”

We’re excited to announce that Professor Mariapaola D’Imperio has been published in the Journal of the Association for Laboratory Phonology and is also the first author of Chapter 16 in The Oxford Handbook of Language Prosody, on varieties in Southern Europe, which can be found here. The journal article was jointly published with her student, Riccardo … Read More

Rutgers at AMP 2020

Rutgers Linguistics had a large showing at the Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP) this year, with two posters and a talk by current graduate students, and a poster by a Rutgers alum. Details are below: Oakden, Chris. “Southern Min tone Circles: Parallel satisfaction using recursive schemes”. Poster. Dolatian, Hossep; Koser, Nate; Rawski, Jonathan; & Strother-Garcia, … Read More

Rutgers at CALL

Rutgers Linguistics was represented by graduate student Tajudeen Mamadou Y., Prof. Akinbiyi Akinlabi, and Gildas Gondo at the 50th Colloquium of African Languages and Linguistics (CALL) on Wednesday, September 2nd, organized by the Leiden University. Mamadou, Akinlabi & Gondo’s talk was titled, Tone in Pronominal Inflections and Polarity in Dan Gblɛ̀ɛ̀wò. The full program can be found … Read More

Happy Halloween!

To celebrate Halloween this year, we’d like to formally introduce two of the newest members of our department: Ethan Koser and Ian Jardine! Up first is Ethan, born July 28th. He is described as “a happy, healthy baby who is keeping mom and dad occupied and entertained in quarantine”.    Our second new linguist is … Read More

Livia Camargo Souza Successfully Defended Her Dissertation

We’re thrilled to announce that Livia Camargo Souza successfully defended her dissertation on September 4th!! Title: “Switch-reference as anaphora: a modular account” Chair: Mark Baker Committee Members: Ken Safir, Viviane Deprez, Simon Charlow, and Karlos Arregi (External, University of Chicago) Abstract: For over 50 years, linguists have raised questions about the nature of switch-reference (SR): … Read More

Prof. D’Imperio Receives NSF Grant for AI Facial Analytics in Language

Prof. Mariapaola D’Imperio has been awarded a one-year, interdisciplinary NSF grant as a co-PI with Dimitris Metaxas (Rutgers CS), Caron Neidle (Boston University), and Matt Huenerfauth (Rochester IT). Additional information is below: Project Title: “NSF Convergence Accelerator–Track D: Data & AI Methods for Modeling Facial Expressions in Language with Applications to Privacy for the Deaf, … Read More