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Pets of the Department: Quarantine Edition


Welcome back to Pets of the Department! We have a special *themed* post for you all, today… It’s Quarantine Edition!


Here’s how the department pets have been surviving the quarantine…

Uni (Owner: Simon)

“This is Uni, and a freshly bloomed magnolia tree.”

Ava (Owner: Tatevik)

Due to a shortage of food at grocery stores, Ava has had revert to her primal hunting instincts. Here she is with the lizard she captured in the patio, before decapitating it and leaving its body at my feet. “Here’s your dinner, mom”.

Ava with lizard


Bella, Vigo, Susie, Foster (Owner: Lydia)

From right to left, the dogs are: Bella (aka Belladonna, the Deadly Nightshade), Vigo (The Scourge of Carpathia, The Sorrow of Moldavia, etc. etc.), and Susie. Here all properly observing social distancing like the mostly-good dogs they are.

Three dogs in front of a lake

Foster the cat is not pictured because she is voluntarily self-isolating from the dogs out of concern for her well-being.

Gina (Owners: Eileen, Hazel, Livia)

Gina has been thoroughly enjoying the quarantine and resulting increase in snuggles. 

Grover (Owner: Pete)

When I left Massachusetts, my wife was at work on some homemade face masks. Here’s a shot of our Grover-kitty modelling one. Of course, he has his own thoughts on how it should be worn…

Grover in a mask

Cezi (Owner: Morgan)

A smattering of Cezi. 

Cezi by a laptop

Cezi curled up

Cezi on Morgan's shoulder

Figushka (Owner: Vera)

I have a potted fig tree that has been living and moving with us for the last 7 years or so. We love it dearly, and right now, as it is still not warm enough outside, it proudly occupies half of our dining room. The pet name is Figushka, with the stress on the first syllable 🙂

A fig tree


Marlo and Marigold (Owner: Kristen)

Life is good for these beagles.🥰🐶🐶🥰

Dogs in front of a window

Although they were a little surprised when this visitor showed up😮

Penguin next to dogs

And Marigold was especially interested in this distant relative. 

3D wolf next to dogs

Bruno (Owner: Marilyn)

Bruno doing his best! It’s ruff working from home.

Bruno using a laptop


Tim, Kiwi, and Echo (Owner: Jill)

Tim is strictly enforcing social distancing. 

Tim pushing Kiwi


Tim keeping Kiwi away

While Echo really embodies the spirit of quarantine. 

Echo in a box

Dana (Owner: Ang)

Quarantine Day X: Kicked Ang out of bed.

Dana in bed

Hannah (Owner: Ziling)

How Hannah is dealing with the quarantine:

(1) Self-isolation in her blue pumpkin

Hannah in blue pumpkin

(2) Sleepy in Monday classes


(3) Washing her paws regularly for at least 20 seconds

Hannah licking her paw

(4) Napping, napping and more napping

Hannah asleep from behind

(5) I really want to go out!!

Hannah looking at a screen

Rosie (Owner: Troy)

Rosie in her (rain) PPE.




That’s all! Thank you so much to everyone who participated!!