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Rutgers at ADPW3

In some slightly belated news, Rutgers was very well represented at the 3rd Afranaph Project Development Workshop (ADPW3).

Five of our linguists presented, with four talks (plus an introduction by Prof. Ken Safir) and a poster on Dec. 13th-14th– more detailed information is as follows:


Ken Safir. Introduction to Afranaph and State of the Project. Talk.

Augustina Owusu. Tense and Aspect in AkanTalk. (Handout here)

Lydia Newkirk. New Research Topic: In-depth investigation of modality in African languagesTalk. (Handout here)

Justine Sikuku, Joseph Wanyonyi, and Ken Safir. New Research Topic: Actual Clauses. Talk. 

Mark Baker and Bleu Gondo. Possession and Nominalization in Dan: Evidence for a General Theory of CategoriesTalk. (Handout here)

Hazel Mitchley. Investigation into causative constructions. (Handout here)


Rutgers Linguists in a group photo

For additional information about presentations at APDW3, including the program and links to abstracts and handouts, please click here.