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Talk: Lauren Clemens & Lee Bickmore [ST@R & PhonX]

Resisting prosodic ambiguity: the case of reduced relative clauses in Rutooro Lauren Clemens & Lee Bickmore (University at Albany) Rutooro is a Bantu language of Uganda that lacks lexical tone. Instead, prominence in Rutooro is marked with a High tone (H) on the penultimate syllable of the phonological phrase (φ-phrase). Like many languages in the … Read More

Colloquium: Kevin McMullin (UOttawa).  Distance, blocking, and optionality on phonological tiers

Many phonological processes apply across large amounts of intervening material, including, e.g., vowel harmony, consonant harmony, and long-distance patterns of dissimilation. These phenomena have long posed a challenge for phonologists, and have served as motivation for incorporating tiers or projections into various theoretical frameworks. In this talk, I will argue that when treating long-distance dependencies … Read More