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Kristen Syrett Featured in “In Plain Language” Podcast

Kristen Syrett (who we also just found out will be receiving the LSA’s Linguistic Service Award in January) was recently interviewed for an episode of a speech and language podcast called In Plain Language,and her episode just aired this past week!


The episode is titled “How Is the Internet Changing Language for Kids?“, and can be found here if you want to give it a listen.


From their website, here’s the episode’s description:


“Your kids are constantly surrounded by the Internet. Your iPhone? They beg for it constantly. Tik Tok? All their friends have it. Lit so much foji rn? They understand that in a second. But what type of effect does this exposure have on kids, from the youngest ones who are just learning the English language to those who have been speaking it for years? In this episode, you’ll hear from two incredible linguists and get intel on the origins of the latest Internet language trends. Get all of your shocked-face emojis ready, because this stuff is mind-blowing!”


It’s a fascinating episode and is really well-done, so please check it out!