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Prof. Syrett Interviewed by NPR and Yahoo! Life

On July 8th, Prof. Kristen Syrett was interviewed for a Yahoo! Life article, titled: “From ‘master bedroom’ to ‘blacklist’: What will it take to change racist terms in our everyday language?“. If you’d like to read it, this article can be found here.

More recently, Prof. Syrett was also interviewed by Robin Young for a segment on NPR’s Here & Now, which aired on July 23rd. The title of this segment is, “The Language of Racism: Why It’s Time to Get Rid of Master Bedroom, Cake Walk, Grandfather Clause“. If you’d like to listen to it for free, you can do so here.

And last but not least, Prof. Syrett is in a third article about racism in language, this time by ABC News! Published on July 30th, it’s titled, “Here are some commonly used terms that actually have racist origins“. You can find that article here.