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UnderLings : Research by Honors thesis students.

The Honors thesis students of our department make us proud with their amazing accomplishments! They will be defending their theses on Friday, April 16th 2021.

Here’s some more details about our undergraduates and their really exciting topics :

Daniel Akim (Advised by Prof. Adam Jardine)
“Morphophonological learning with multiple processes”

Robert Esposito (Advised by Profs. Mariapaola D’Imperio and Joseph Casillas)
“Intonation of Salvadoran Spanish”
Work presented at the 2021 SLUgS Undergrad Linguistics Symposium 
Accepted into a translator position at Duolingo following graduation
Connor Kaminski (Advised by Profs. Viviane Déprez and Adam McCollum)
“The tune driving the text: The impact of intonation on French interrogatives”
Accepted to the University of Iowa Audiology Doctorate program for Fall 2021
Karen Li (Advised by Prof. Kristen Syrett)
“A proposal for the meaning of the Mandarin sentence final particle a
Work to be presented at the Johns Hopkins 2021 Richard Macksey Undergraduate Humanities Symposium
Accepted to the University of Pennsylvania Masters in Linguistics program for Fall 2021
Joy Lu (Advised by Prof. Kristen Syrett)
“Calling Stella long distance: Free classification of regional United States dialects, international dialects, and Asian Nonnative accents by listeners from a diverse demographic”
Accepted to the Montclair State University Masters in Speech Pathology program for Fall 2021 
Nathaniel (Nate) Serio (Advised by Profs. Kristen Syrett and Paul Pietroski)
“Concepts, essences, and mental representation”